The Bachelor Season 26 Finale Part 1 and 2

This was a clusterfuck of a finale. I am going to write out some bullet points and then come back later. Clayton talks to Jesse and decides he wants to be brutally honest with the women. Clayton tells Rachel and Gabby that Susie left. He says the reason why she left was she felt ifContinue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 Finale Part 1 and 2”

The Bachelor Season 26 Episodes 9 and 10

People said stuff. I hate the tell all. In summary • Shanae isn’t sorry • Cassidy didn’t give up her fuck buddy before going on because the sex was good and she would’ve called it off if she got engaged. She was into him. • Teddi and Serene got the Bachelorette edits Clayton’s brother slidContinue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 Episodes 9 and 10”

The Bachelor Season 26 Episode 7

All the girls are waiting to see if Sarah comes back. Mara says it’s not fair sarah got two one on ones when some girls haven’t had one yet. Sarah is pissed walking back. She says to everyone that it made their relationship stronger. Mara is rolling her eyes. Sarah continues saying the person mentioningContinue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 Episode 7”

The Bachelor Season 26 episode 6

The women speculate over who will come home from the two on one. Genevieve makes a toast about integrity and trying new things. He takes her first. She says it’s been hard being vulnerable and she’s trying. She says she’s all in. They kiss. Shanae is trying to spy on them. Shanae picks up theContinue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 episode 6”

The Bachelor Season 26 episode 5

Suzy, Rachel and Jill are talking about how crazy it was that Shanae interrupted the group date and threw the trophy. Clayton liked the conversation he had with shanae when she crashed. Serene has a one on one with Clayton. They go to pleasure pier which has rollercoasters and is an amusement park/carnival type spot.Continue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 episode 5”

The Bachelor Season 26 Episode 4

We start being reminded that the Elizabeth shanae drama is being addressed tonight before the ceremony. Clayton shows up while the girls are arguing about shrimp. Both of them were disrespectful during this. Basically shanae felt ignored when she came to the hot tub and Elizabeth ignored her. Clayton left and is confused. He’s listeningContinue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 Episode 4”

The Bachelor Season 26 episode 3

Just want to preface that I still haven’t had time to edit this nor the prior episode. I’m in tax season so my writing is a little poor this time of year. Last episode we saw Shanae mock Elizabeths ADHD in the ITMs (in the moment side interviews). It was disappointing to say the least.Continue reading “The Bachelor Season 26 episode 3”

The Bachelor Season 26, Episode 2

They show the women freak out that they are back in the mansion…historic and legendary. They were here for the rose ceremony and cocktail hour last episode I don’t get it. Clayton quotes high school musical and says this is the start of something new. (Wrong blonde Clayton) Jesse Palmer introduces himself. A blonde asksContinue reading “The Bachelor Season 26, Episode 2”

The Bachelor, Season 26, Episode 1

So Clayton really wants to have a family. Jesse Palmer sounds like Chris Harrison Lets meet the women. Shanae – competitive Gabby says he mustve been a tight end, nfl cheerleader, covid nurse – girl that had bun in hair in promo Rachel – flight instructor Daria from baldwin, law school Susie- ju jitsu, missContinue reading “The Bachelor, Season 26, Episode 1”