2021 Season 7 BIP Draft

Bach MamaBach Papa
Brendan (left with Pieper)Abigail (Left 10/5)
Noah (Left 10/5)Serena P engaged
Victoria P (E 8/23)Kenny engaged
Grocery Store Joe engagedMari engaged
Jessenia (E 9/14)Aaron (left with James)
Tre (E 8/31)Tammy (E 9/14)
Maurissa engagedIvan (Left 9/28)
James (left with Aaron)Connor B (E 8/31)
Deandra (E 9/14)Natasha (E 10/5)
Tahzjuan (E 8/31)Kelsey (E 8/23)
Victoria L (E 8/23)Serena C (E 8/23)
Karl (E 8/31)
(end of initial draft)
Demi (E 9/14)Thomas (Left 10/5)
Riley* engagedChris C (Left 9/8)
Chasen (E 8/31)Tia (Left 10/5)
Becca (Left 10/5)Kendall (Left 9/21)
Pieper (Left with Brendan)Chelsea (E 10/5)
Alana (Left 9/8)Ed (Left 10/5)
Lil Jon n/aDemar (E 9/28)
Blake (E 9/28)Anna (Left 10/5)
Dr. Joe (E 9/28)Mykenna (Left 10/5)

Current Points are:

17 Bach Mama 20 Bach Papa

8/16 Abigail gets a date card, she asks Noah on a date
8/23 Brendan date from Demi
8/23 Ivan date from Jessenia
8/24 Serena P gets date from Thomas
8/24 Maurissa got Riley date
8/24 *Bach Papa won coin toss, Bach Papa traded Riley for a kiss
8/30 Deandra and Jessenia got dates with Chasen and Chris C
8/30 Joe got a date card and ask Serena Serena said yes
8/31 Tia has date card, Kenny accepted
9/7 Pieper has date card, asks Brendan, he accepts
9/8 Alana took Chris C on a date, he accepted
9/8 Chelsea took Aaron on a date
9/8 Becca asked Thomas on a date
9/14 Brendan and Pieper leave together
9/14 Blake has a date card, Tia accepts
9/14 Dr. Joe takes Natasha on a date
9/21 Ed picks Natasha, Demar picks Chelsea
9/21 Kenny picks Mari for a date
9/28 James accepts Anna’s date
9/28 Since Ed wasn’t asked by Mykenna and Ed asks Mykenna, Mykenna gets the point even though it’s her date card. (This one is a gray area, but he has both of them.)
10/5 Aaron and James leave together (no points)
10/5 Kenny and Mari are engaged. Riley and Maurissa are engaged

Points and Rules
1 point for 1 on 1 date – the person that comes in picks your person AND date is accepted AND they go on the date
3 leave together, not dependent on rose, even not on finale
7 get engaged, engagement accepted

First we had our draft of original people, then the then rest of people is a coin flip upon entering. Bach Papa got first pick because I knew 2 couples rumored to be together (Brendan and Pieper which I’ll say now since they left and another that I won’t say yet)

Unlimited trades


Left = they decided to go home, not dependent on someone not giving them a rose