The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 12

Erich and Gabby get engaged and things are going well. He had texts with an ex come out that they were possibly together right before he left. They are fine after talking this out, and Gabby is doing Dancing with the Stars. They are so adorable and in love it’s nice.

Tino and Rachel get engaged. They struggle during the engagement, it seems like because of his family, Rachel’s mental health, and social media. She does things to improve the relationship, but he reconnects with someone from his past and cheats on Rachel. He brings a notebook to their meeting, and tries to blame that he cheated on her. He asks the producer to let him get out of there, and he talks to someone with his shirt unbuttoned on the phone. Weird. The engagement is called off and they break up.

In the After the Final Rose portion, Aven asks Rachel if she wants to reconnect. She said yes and they left to discuss.

Zach is the next Bachelor, and they have him meet some women there. Everyone got to vote in America live during the episode for America’s first choice impression rose. It was awkward introductions though. He was very aloof. Not my first choice, but I’m sure I will watch anyway.

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