Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 Episode 1

We get a bunch of intro packages of who’s going to be on the beach. 

Our draft is a dynasty league. It is all based on who we drafted in previous years.

Serene shows up, then Michael A. He looks ripped; he is 38. Then, Andrew and Genievieve are next. Johnny shows up, and he starts saying this is where he thrives. Teddi is nex, and they show birds and bees about the fact that she’s a virgin. Andrew has a smiley face on his toe and it’s very flat.  Casey is next. Then Hailey and Brittany come in. Jill, Hunter, Sierra. Jacob shows up in a leaf speedo. Michael says he is too old for this.  Shanae. Justin, my meme boy. So excited! Both Shanae and Genievieve are into Justin. Jacob has Tarzan as his occupation, and he’s vibing with Shanae. They kiss. 

Lace shows up, and Hunter can’t believe she is back 6 years later.  Hunter left before night one.  Logan comes down. Brandon comes down next and does a weird jig. He pulls Serene, and they are flirty and giggly but not saying much. They make out immediately…did they know each other beforehand? It was awkward but like what is happening. Romeo, Romeo, he is in paradise. He has met some of Clayton’s women and he has hung out with Jill and Kira. He wants to pursue Jill, but is worried Kira would get in the way. He has kissed Kira. Kira shows up, and she steals Jill’s drink. 

Jesse brings them all to the palapa. The men are handing out the roses.They all discuss who they are into. Brandon and Serene and Teddi and Andrew seem to be mutual couples.  Andrew gets a date card and asks Teddi on a date. He says her full name. She accepts. First point to Michelle. They both seem shy and nervous. They are very sweet and playful. She likes that he is joyful. He likes that she exudes confidence. They kiss and giggle.

Justin says he is interested in Genevieve and they kiss. Johnny and Hunter. Brandon and Serene. Lace lied and said it was her birthday. She says she wants to be fake. Logan sings happy birthday to Lace without saying her name.  She is 32 and he is 26.She said he is the only one she is interested in.  He looks away.  He thinks her name is Luce not Lace. He apologizes for calling her Luce.

Michael’s occupation says Zaddy.  He says the hardest part of being a single dad is creating memories and having no one to share them with.  

Romeo says he has liked Jill from the start. She says she wants more action from him.  He says I don’t want to avoid you. And they kiss. Kira says, “I am not here to make good decisions if you are here to make good decisions get the fuck out.” Romeo tells Jill to hang out with the others. Jill goes a lil crazy in her interview.  He asks Kira to let him pursue Jill in peace.  She seems annoyed and like she is trying to control him in some way. Kira and Jill argue; I don’t really understand what is happening.  Kira says she’s slut shaming her. They are fighting about nothing. Jill and Kira make no sense. Casey and Kira are then being touchy feely with his nipples, and Jill is crying. I feel like  I missed the fight. 

Victoria F from Peter’s season is there, and she has a date card…

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