The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 11

Zach goes home. Ultimately he felt like it was different in the fantasy suites. They speak afterwards and it was kind. Basically he thought he was going to marry her, but she realized in fantasy suites that she knew it wasn’t the case so she started to act differently.

Aven is meeting Rachel’s family first. He sits with Tony first. Rachel has no doubts with Aven. Aven says he could eventually get engaged but isn’t sure if there is enough time. He says he’s at the right point in his life. Her friends tell him she specifically is looking for engagement at the end. She finds out from the friends that he’s not ready. She talks to Aven after. He feels he’s been honest with everyone.

He says it’s not about being ready. He sees a life afterwards and wants to be ready and wants to make sure that it is right. He wants to make sure the engagement is the right thing for the both of us. He says has no doubts in his mind about them. He basically thinks he wants to eventually get married even though he feels he’s at the right point in his life. He wants to date first it seems like. He is ready to be in a committed marriage but wants to date people a normal amount of time before an engagement. The communication was shitty though.

Erich gets to meet Gabby’s family. Grandpa already met Erich in the beginning of the season. She told him she loves him. Her grandpa says it’s gotta be 90-90 not 50-50. 10/10 Grandpa. Erich says he’s obsessed with her to her dad. Gabby is worried it’s too good to be true. She said he loves her and she’s always wanted to be loved in that way by a partner. She’s worried she is unlovable her aunt says let’s him know how you are feeling. Be who you are.

Jesse says that there is buzz on social media about grandpa for bachelor. But it was previously recorded. So whatever.

Tino meets her family. She is worried he isn’t ready too. He says he’s confident his family will turn around. Tino said he usually only talks to his dad about sports and that they would come around after spending time with her. Tony asks about his job and her job and life logistics. He says in a few years he would move overseas. He says he is going to make her happy forever. Rachel said big stamp of approval from everyone.

Rachel and Aven talk. He says it crushed him seeing her that upset. He says life is so important before that next step. She feels like they aren’t on the same page and he said different things to her family than he did to her. He says he wants to leave here with her. He wants a life after this with her but not an engagement in two weeks. He says he’s been caught up in it. She wants to be engaged and with someone who wants her that much to leave engaged. She says I’m not sacrificing what I need. It’s over. He says he’s not going to get over this. That things could’ve been different. He’s upset he wasn’t there.

They both apologize for it in the “live pre recorded” show. He apologizes for blindsiding her. Rachel said we were true to what we felt in the moment. He is sorry it wasn’t there. He’s sorry he said how he felt in the moment to her friends. He wishes he told her that first. But he was honest with everyone. He wishes he communicated to her better before the family. He didn’t realize what she wanted in all of this.

Gabby doesn’t wanna put pressure but she wants a proposal. He wants to continue to date her out in the real world. She wants to get engaged.

And now there are two people left and we have to watch more of this. With them both having one person left, I feel like it is being dragged out and that these people don’t want engagements anymore. It’s upsetting, because they keep making it like saying falling in love is a thing. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s a fake step made up by the show.

Is the ring aspect of the show pointless at this point?

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