The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 9 and 10

They are in Mexico for fantasy suites. Gabby and Rachel chat with some champagne.  Rachel says this is when things were crazy and went haywire at Clayton’s season. They want to do this right and so it’s not the same as what they experienced. 

Rachel wants to pick Tino basically she says he’s been someone he wanted from the beginning. Its the parents being A holes (my words not hers). Zach, every piece is there. Clear about his feelings. She doesn’t think she’s there with Zach. He’s perfect on paper.  Aven – great foundation and continue to build. He is honest. She believes him and feels she’s falling in love with him. 

Jason – most emotionally available, but she doesn’t know how he feels…so not emotionally available…Johnny – she thinks he’s not ready for engagement but she is.  Erich – good banter, playful. Told him she was falling in love with him. 

Erich – 1st overnight date. Saw his emotional side and saw how much his family means to him. They shared that they are falling in love with each other.  They jump into a watering hole type thing with different heights jumping platforms. “Leap of faith” puns/analogies commence.  Leaping is scary.  She says she appreciates him being here especially with what is going on with his family (his dad being sick). She says the more time she spends with him the easier it is to see her life with him. His family likes her. She shares that she didn’t see her dad much growing up and about her strained relationship with her mother. He said she’s an amazing person. He says I love you and I don’t want to leave here without you. She says I see a future with you. Fantasy suite. He says yes. She says she’s in love with him but she doesn’t want to say it yet. She doesn’t want to say goodbye. 

Tino says this makes him want to throw up. And then we see Aven and Rachel go on a boat. Tino catches up with Tino. Waiting is gutwrenching. It’s trying his patience. He says his dad asked the tough questions.  Aven says hometowns went great. He says he’s falling in love. Tino says he’s worried and doesn’t want her to sleep with anyone else because he wouldn’t. And that she should be sure by now. She thinks Aven could be the one. She wants to know if he can see himself being engaged in two weeks.  He says he definitely can. He is ready. She feels safe with him and that they’ve built on the relationship. She says she is falling in love with him and she wouldn’t say it if she didn’t mean it based on how it went last time. They have a fantasy suite and she says Aven is the full package.  

Tino says it’s excruciating.  They have a date by (I think the same) water hole. At night she finally addresses that his dad and mom didn’t approve of this at all. And he says basically they will eventually come around and be on board in time. He doesn’t want to leave without her.  He says he loves her. She says she loves him too. Fantasy suite. 

Johnny. Boat date. She feels she can be most herself with him. On the beach she says she wants a real relationship. He says he’s falling in love. She says she is ready to be engaged. She wants to know where he’s at.  He says he can see himself falling in love. She wants a commitment.  Johnny says it’s all good? And she says no. I need you to be honest with me.  He says he doesn’t know if he can get to an engagement. He isn’t ready. She says that’s hard to hear. She says they want different things. If you are at different places in your life then you are. The timing isn’t right and there’s nothing to fix.  He says there goes my lady…but then say you’d commit.  He goes home. 

We see Jason say he’s feeling real things towards Gabby but not falling in love with her.  She says she is hopeful to leave here with someone and that Erich and Jason have been there for her.  He doesn’t think he could get engaged at the end but will take it day by day. 

Gabby is journaling and she gets a note saying I need to see you and I am waiting on the bridge. She goes to the bridge and Erich is there. He says he’s having a hard time. She says they had a conversation about this off camera why are you telling me again. He said off-camera fantasy suites feels like cheating. She says it feels like pressure. She says why do I always have to defend myself? Why can’t you trust what we have. She feels like he’s testing her. She says this feels like the end for me.

Episode 10

We see them back on the bridge and it’s awkward. He realizes he messed up. She’s annoyed.

She has a tennis and pool date with Jason and all goes well until Jason tells Gabby that he isn’t ready for an engagement. But he wants to talk about it overnight in the fantasy suite. And that they don’t know each other and feels like none of this is real. The next morning; She said maybe it’s not meant to be. He said yeah definitely. She wants someone to love her the way she loves them. she wants to know what made it so he took all this time. He said he needed that time. She wants to be loved and it to be reciprocated. He said he was sorry and the overnight gave him clarity. She feels led on. She says goodbye to him.

She leaves crying, upset that he never loved her. It made her feel unwanted. 

Rachel and Zach. They are out on the town in all these little shops. The date is going well and she is confused. Doesn’t know what to do. He sees a future. Rachel mentions how last season this time of the journey sucked. They go to the fantasy suite, and hope to be even more in love.

The next morning there is tension during drinking coffee. They talked a lot about deep conversations during the fantasy suite. Rachel kept asking if he was sure about marriage.

Zach comes to see Jesse and is crying. He says he feels lost. Everything was easy in front of the cameras and he felt like it was different in the fantasy suites especially with her asking if he’s ready for marriage. He’s 25 and she is 26 and she was mentioning age. He decides he wants to talk to her about how he’s feeling.

Gabby says she sent Johnny and Jason home. She’s scared Erich still won’t pick her. 

Aven sees a future. Tino feels confident. It was perfect but he knows it’s still her choice and his family was a bag of dicks. Zach wants to talk to Rachel for clarity. Zach said the fantasy suite were like they were two strangers. He keeps calling her fake in the interviews. 

Zach pulls her aside. 

We then see gabby and she wants to leave it all on the table with erich. She knows what she deserves. He is afraid to lose her. He realizes how insensitive he was. She is scared but knows she wants someone that isn’t afraid to love her. She comes to his room and tells him she felt like he didn’t trust her by saying that. She says that her date with Jason made her realize to ask for what she deserves. She tells him he’s the only one left and that she loves him. And he loves her too. They kiss and hug a lot. They say there is no rose ceremony. 

Bach to Zach and Rachel. Nevermind. I thought this was the finale. Until next week!

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