The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 8

We finally get to see Aven’s hometown. His hometown is Salem, Massachusetts. And they do a love spell and a table falls over after it. Then, his parents haven’t been in the same room together for 6 or 7 years. They do a nice, respectable grilling of Rachel and Aven.  Aven says he’s falling in love with her and she is so happy to finally hear how he feels.  

We learn that all 6 men got roses and they didn’t show us the ceremony.  

We have the recap of the season to refresh our memories of the drama. 

Men Tell All is men trying to get their 15 minutes of fame and hopefully own up to their mistakes.  

Jacob regrets how he worded things to Gabby. 

They all didn’t like Chris.  Nate and Spencer didn’t like how he spoke on fantasy suites.

Hayden – didn’t show up. 

Logan – Jesse mentioned at least he showed up. Some  of the guys mention how this messed with their time with the women. He wishes he communicated better with the women.  He feels bad that it happened the way it did.  

Virgin Voyage app plug.  Everyone gets champagne. Virgin Voyages gives everyone in the audience a free cruise. 

Nate – Such a beautiful person.  Loves his daughter. He dated two women at the same time and didn’t tell them about his daughter.  He was keeping her private while he was figuring things out after divorce. It’s simple – why would you want to bring a kid around while you aren’t serious. 

Serene Genivieve, Victoria F and Andrew S will be in paradise. Great trailer for paradise. Hayden is there. Aaron. A few other great people.  A bunch that were already announced.

Gabby and Rachel are here.  

Mario – Gabby didn’t know if he was into both of them. Mario said Gabby did him wrong.  She felt like he wasn’t clear on where he wanted.

Jordan V – Basically she didn’t want to string him along.

Jacob – Realized he didn’t have self awareness.  He said he is very sorry.

Logan again. Rachel wishes he was more honest earlier.  He was trying to wait for the perfect time. 

Tyler – She knew the importance of family for Tyler. She didn’t think she could get there with him.  

Nate – Even though it didn’t end the way I wanted it to, it was still beautiful. He still adores her. 

Now it’s time for what they call bloopers. Silly nonsense. Lots of armpit smelling.  

Ad for the movie Bros with Billy Eichner and Luke McFarlane. Then they play a do’s and don’t’s dating game.  

Meatball pours sauce on himself then tackles Billy Eichner.  

Jesse Palmer said he is proud of the women. The women are proud of each other. 

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