The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 7

Rachel has Zach, Tino, Tyler and Aven.

Gabby has Erich, Jason and Johnny.

Jason’s first. They’re in New Orleans. They meet his dad he’s really sweet. He gets emotional seeing them. His parents are separated. They go see his mom, sister and sisters boyfriend next. His family is super nice and welcoming. Lots of laughs and smiles. But he can’t see himself getting engaged in two weeks. Gabby privately says she’s falling in love with him in an interview.

Zach and Rachel next. They ride bikes through a neighborhood. They climb a staircase and there is a picnic near an airport. Zach says he’s falling in love with her. They both are very excited. Zach’s uncle was in Seinfeld. Rachel said their date with the videos from family got them talking about their families. Zach tells his mom he can see a future with her.

Johnny and Gabby meet his family before going on a date in Florida. Gabby says she feels he could be herself with Johnny. She asks his mom if she could see Johnny in a long term relationship. She says he doesn’t give his heart to anybody. Johnny says to his mom he’s not ready for marriage yet.  Then to his dad.  He is looking nervous. He may be nervous about finances.  Johnny takes her on a boat. 

Tyler’s hometown is in Wildwoods, NJ. Rachel says they are the most far behind.  He says it’s going to be the best date ever. They go around the carnival, and they meet some of his family.  She has a look on her face like she is going to dump him.  And he is happy as can be.  She says she’s not feeling the same emotionally as in her previous hometown. They are on a bench. He is looking at her adoringly and you can tell she wants to break up with him.  She says he’s incredible. He then says he’s so in love with her. That he wonders why he had all these dark times and this was the reason.  And you can see that she wishes she already broke up with him. It’s so awful.  She still is honest that she isn’t feeling confident. She says she isn’t ready to meet his family.  She says she feels something is missing and especially after hearing all of those incredible things.  He says this helped him believe in love again.  They broke up.  He was sent home to see his family. He says he loved her and he still does but she’s not coming.   

Erich and Gabby next in Bedminster NJ. His dad has been battling cancer, and his mom has been supporting him through it. His cancer is terminal. They meet his parents, grandparents and sister.  He’s done three rounds of chemo; the first two did nothing and the third almost killed him. They talk about Erich and his parents’ relationship. Erich says he wants what his parents have.  His mom says that it’s an important decision.  It is for life and don’t take that lightly.  Gabby and his mom speak and you just hear how much they all love each other and care about family. This made her feelings for him deeper. They spend time together at night. Erich says how real it is.  She says she sees the sacrifice he is making.  He says he was falling for her but now he is falling in love.  Which sounds like the same thing but okay Erich.  Gabby says she always wanted to be with someone like him, but now feels like it’s possible.  She says she is falling in love with him.  

Tino is driving down a mountain. They sit near a mountain. His parents are both very skeptical. The mom said it isn’t real. The dad said well this is your second go around. The dad accused her of wanting to be engaged for the sake of being engaged.  Rachel still says she appreciates them having her over.  She felt they hated her, and they were really grilling her.  Tino and her sit down. She says she doesn’t feel his parents like her.  Tino says he is falling in love with her and wishes he told her earlier.  She says she feels like she has been falling in love with him for a while.  She says she struggles feeling like they would get any support from his parents. 

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