The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 6

They are now in Amsterdam. The cruise ship is cool.

Zach gets a one on one with Rachel. That’s his second. Tino says he has some pouting to do.

Nate gets a one on one with Gabby. Two duplicates. Wow. Cool.

Jesse comes to chat with Gabby and Rachel. They think it’s working for each of them.

Jesse – hometowns how does it make u feel
Rachel -yeah.

Gabby is worried because she knows this would involve families and thinks about how Nate has a daughter.

Johnny and Logan talk about Nate’s date with Gabby. They figured out she probably wants to talk more about that he has a daughter before it gets serious.

Gabby sends Nate home. She doesn’t feel ready to be a mom. They are both really upset and care deeply about each other. She feels she may have made a mistake. But also feels like it was too late that she did it.

Abrupt shift of mood to Rachel being excited to walk through tulips with Zach. They have some cheese, try on clogs, have lemonade. Then they hang in a hot tub by some tulips.

They have the night portion in another church. Very strange this season. Zach talks about how he struggled with self love and used to weigh 86 pounds more. He went to therapy. They both love therapy. Sweet convo. He accepted the rose. They have a string quartet private concert in the street.

Gabby comes to chat with the guys. She tells them it’s mainly because she doesn’t feel ready to maybe be a mom. Johnny and Jason say they wanted to give her a hug and have been thinking about her all day. She woke up the next day feeling sad that their point in their lives are fundamentally different and that can’t change.

Gabby group date has a lady with a whip. They say their safe words. Then the lady ask them all some really personal sex questions. Then there’s some feathers. Then they are on burrito shaped blankets shirtless and Gabby dripped candle wax and played around with them. Such an interesting date. Then Logan isn’t at the night part.

Jesse comes to Gabby’s room and tells her that Logan tested positive for Covid so they have to cancel the night part. Jesse tells the guys that there was a situation with Logan and that they have to cancel the night part.

Group date. Tino sprints there. The guys do random stuff in town. Aven pulls her in the middle of the day parley. Then Tino. They have a strong man competition. They make it as it’s a big event and it’s the guys and a random woman and man. Aven and Tyler are out. Tino is psyching Ethan out.

Night part Tyler says how much he’s falling for her. Ethan says she’s important to him and so is his family. Rachel says she has some reservations with Tino as they kiss. He says he’s sure of her. Rachel gives the rose to Tyler. She says goodnight. Tino says congrats seriously and leaves.

He says I hit all the points. We had amazing moments. He is now second guessing everything and is cranky.

We learn that Logan can’t stay with COVID.

Tino and Ethan talk and Tino is kind of imploding.

Rose ceremony.


Spencer goes home.

Tino is saying he deserved the group date rose.

(Tyler and Zach also have roses.)

Ethan goes home.

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