The Bachelorette season 19 episode 4 + 5

Meatball stays! we see him in the living room with the rest of the men. Even though we don’t see the end of their conversation.

Nate asks Hayden to explain what he said to Gabby on the group date. He says, “I used the word ‘rough around the edges. And what I meant by that was…” Nate cuts him off. “Ohhhhhhhh…,” he groans. “That’s kinda rough though, bro.”

He also says he knows Gabby called herself that twice. And is annoyed that she is annoyed at him for him using the same “verbiage” that she used. Then he says this to Ethan and Meatball.

Bachelorette GIF

Meatball doesn’t like that Hayden said this. And you can see how uncomfortable Ethan looks in this photo. We also see him talking to the other guys and he says this:

Bachelorette grab

Ass hole.

Jessie tells the guys to pack their bags because they are going to France. Jason gets a one on one with Gabby and Tino gets a one on one with Rachel.

Rachel and Tino get along really well. He has restored her faith. Both Jason and Tino get roses.

Gabby’s group date is boxing. She wants guys to fight for her. Whoever wins gets extra time with Gabby. Nate and Gabby have a quick chat. The guys have to say why they like her before the fight, and Nate’s was the most notable. Rachel shows up to the date with her guys. The guys won’t even look at her or come say hi. They are just watching the boxing. Rachel is clearly upset. Gabby gives the belt and extra time with Spencer.

We learn that Spencer is a military guy and Gabby is from a military family, so Gabby likes their similar upbringings. He says doing this was his way to help the world around him. She likes his outlook and they have a nice chat. Spencer gets a rose.

Rachel feels like the guys don’t give a shit about her. She says she feels like Clayton made her feel more special then these guys just did. She addresses the guys. She points out that no one even said hi to her. The guys get a reality check. Rachel feels like she shouldn’t have this many moments where she feels like she wants to leave.

Rachel’s group date. Zach says seeing her that upset last night was a gut punch. She says she didn’t feel chosen back yesterday but she wants to move forward and that they want to be there. For the group date, it is hella awkward. A couple just made out in front of them. A bit odd. This date is about romance, we learn. Zach has to flirt with Rachel first without speaking. He does poorly. A lot of them try to dance with her. Ethan crawls up to her. Then they have to make out with their fists. Then she has to smell their pits with her blindfolded. Then they write her love letters. She wants to take some time to do a one on one. Logan is thinking about Gabby.

Rachel picks Tyler for the night portion. He bought a house for someone in a previous relationship. His ex decided she didn’t want to be with him anymore. He wants a serious relationship. He wants to feel that again. She agrees. It is worth it. He wants unconditional love. He says he loves hard. He came here for her. He wants to be someone’s rock. He loves that she is passionate about her job, and would do what would be needed at home if she was his wife. He gets a rose.

Logan wants to talk to Gabby.

Cocktail party. Rachel said it started rocky but she’s grateful. Gabby basically says the same.

Gabby and Nate talk. She loved what he said before the boxing.

Hayden and Rachel talk and he shows her his dog. He says he’s going to share something that will bring their relationship to the next level. We learn his dog has a brain tumor. He got annoyed that she left to talk to Tino. Meatball brings up what Hayden said in the mansion. (A comment we didn’t see about comparing her breast to his ex. And the two things mentioned. And I can’t trust these bitches. Not holding a candle) he doesn’t get why she was calling him over. She sends him home.

Rachel is tired of this. She feels exhausted.


Spencer, Jason, Nate, Erich, Johnny, Michael, Mario


Tino, Tyler, Aven, Meatball, Zach, Ethan, Logan

They are going to Belgium.

Hayden, Jordan, Quincey, and Kirk go home

Episode 5:

They are now in Belgium. Gabby is excited. Rachel is excited. New week let’s go! Team Rachel wants her to be happy and they don’t think any guy will upset that. One guy even says that.

Logan kind of says it stink to see your name on the card. The guys think he’s saying he wanted the one on one. But he means that he wants to go to team Gabby. Aven gets the one on one.

Logan tells Rachel he wants to pursue Gabby. Rachel just wants to quit. She feels like every week this happens again.

Now is her group date the guys are excited. Tino says he wants to make her feel special on the group date. The guys to all of the date activities without her.

Rachel is crying. She talks to Jesse and feels she has her walls going up. He says you can’t be perfect. I wasn’t perfect. There’s no playbook for this. There’s a group date. Rachel cancels it. Jesse tells the guys this and he says she will see them at the after party. The guys feel terrible and want to have time with her. His possible future wife one of them says.

Logan tells Gabby he’s into her. She says he was the only overlap, but she backed away when she heard he was into Rachel too. Gabby wants to talk to Rachel first before doing anything. Gabby was shocked that Rachel cancelled the group date. Rachel can tell Gabby has some feelings there, but she hopes Gabby sends him home.

Tyler wants to make up for lost time. Zach says let’s be there and support her. Rachel tells the guys if they want to leave she would rather them do it now. The guys all boost her back up and they have nice chats individually. Tino says that he was upset and would want her regardless – any version – good or bad. He says he felt unseen. Tino gets the date rose.

Spencer, Michael, Jason, Erich, Nate, and Mario go on a group date. They have waffles somewhere and eat whipped cream out of the machine. They play soccer with children where a bunch of them pick up the kids it’s really bizarre. They play rock paper scissors where the winner slaps the loser with a fish. Nate says it’s nice there’s no drama. Logan comes in for the night part of the date dressed in all black. He announces that Gabby gave him word that she wants to pursue him. Group date rose goes to Nate.

Rachel has a one on one with Aven. Kissing in a horse carriage, having chocolate, kissing again after three women are making lace and one has a ready made veil for Rachel. We learned in the night portion that Aven’s parents are not together and he lived with his mom until with he was 10. Then, he lived with his dad and he barely was able to see his mom (only a few phone calls).

Johnny has a one on one with Gabby. She likes that he is goofy, but wants to see if it goes deeper. They do a beer tasting.  Then a beer bath. He’s really funny and they have a good time.  They are “eating” in a church for dinner. He says that when he started to be himself more and let his guard down and be weird, the relationship ended.  He says he struggles with depression and self confidence.  She says she has struggled with anxiety and depression to and to relearn a bunch and be easier on themselves. He gets a rose.  

Rose ceremony the guys talk about Logan.  Both women look amazing.  Gabby gives Nate a gift of chocolate for his daughter. Montage of some dates.  Then, Logan gets slapped by a fish. We didn’t see any of Rachel’s guys. And the Rose Ceremony starts.  

The roses are     

Nate, Johnny (gabby) and Tino, Aven (Rachel)

Gabby – Jason
Rachel – Zach
Rachel -Tyler 

Meatball (James) goes home on Rachel’s side.  Logan went to Gabby’s side. 

Mario and Michael go home on Gabby’s side.

Nate says, “plot twist of the evening what’s up”.  

I didn’t write down where they were going next.

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