The Bachelorette Season 19 Episode 3

Episode 3

21 guys are left. They say some guys are starting to be into one or the other. But there are some guys into both. Gabby says she wants the guys to choose and be assertive. Rachel agrees and says she wants to tell the guys.

There will be two one on ones. The first one is for Zach with Rachel. Karamo (Netflix’s Queer eye) is the host of the date. Zach says there was a connection from the beginning. Montage of them trying on stuff.

Gabby comes to the house to hang with the guys and see who is into her. No one is stepping up to do any time with her. She leaves upset. Later In the day she is still upset. She says it takes the right kind of guy to know how to love me.

Erich gets a one on one with Gabby.

Rachel and Zach show up to a paparazzi red carpet premiere. They kiss. They have a lil popcorn movie setup with Matt white playing piano and we get a slideshow of Rachel growing up. Then we get to see little Zach too. His mom has a cute message for him too. And we get Rachel’s mom too. Zach’s dad wanted to be a pilot. They kiss a lot and dance. Dan says looks like beauty and the beast with the yellow dress and the rose and them dancing. He gets a rose.

Erich’s date also includes Gabby’s grandpa John. They have a sound bath and get cleansed. Gabby sets the intension for the day. We have a random grandma join them. Probably an actress or friend or something. I don’t know. They kiss in the bowling alley. Night portion. He talks about his parents and they have a good relationship. She walks off talking to producers and talks to them about she’s worried she won’t be loved. She feels like she’s too messy and that the world likes the Rachel’s. Erich says she’s in tune with her emotions. She loves deeply. He says he just wants her to be honest and wants to see where this goes and trying to get comfortable with it. But he doesn’t give her like a big reassurance of how much he is into her. He seems not really excited by the conversation. I get no oomph. Maybe he balances her. Time will tell. They kiss a lot.

There is a photoshoot with Gabby and Rachel in white dresses. Franco is there. He has been on the show doing other photo shoots. We have a daisy duke car wash. Aven is pregnant with a baby that is meatball. Then a weird pilot scene. We have Jacob as Adam and Gabby as Eve. Rachel keeps looking at Jacobs package.

The most important photos are a photoshoot of fake proposals. Rachel chooses Tino and Logan. Nate and Tyler proposal for Gabby. Nate’s proposal was beautiful.

Aven and Rachel play foot ball and kiss. The guy I can’t remember his name says he kind of missed Rachel. Tino and Rachel make out on a couch in the field.

Tyler tells Gabby that he wants to pursue Rachel. Hayden also says he wants to pursue Rachel. He says his morals more align with Rachel and that Gabby is more rough around the edges. Jacob says a similar thing. He says that he would just leave if it was Gabby. Which is rude, but sounds a bit more like it’s coming from an honest place. That he would leave if there was no connection. We see Tyler and Hayden kiss Rachel.

I think Gabby had to get her makeup redone from crying.

Rachel gives her rose to Aven. Gabby doesn’t want to give out a rose. Rachel looks shocked. They end the date.

Rachel and Gabby leave and talk to each other, and Rachel is told what Hayden and Jacob said. Rachel hates what Hayden said to Gabby. And that Jacob said he would leave if it was just Gabby. Rachel doesn’t like it all. They talk again in the morning, deciding they don’t like how things are going and that the men seem to have all of the power.

View the second slide to see a key moment from Gabby and Rachel talking.

That evening, they are cancelling the cocktail party and share that they want it to be a group of guys for Rachel and a group of guys for Gabby. Not this overlap mish mosh.

They have different section for the guys to go when they receive a rose from either Gabby or Rachel:

Rachel- Aven and Zach
Gabby Erich
Rachel -Logan
Rachel-Termayne-he declines and Jesse Palmer takes that rose away. He will go home if gabby doesn’t pick them.
Gabby – Spencer
Rachel-Alec-he declined. Jesse takes a rose.
Rachel-meatball -he declines. Jesse takes a rose.
The girls just walked out. Rachel feels embarrassed especially with how public it is. Gabby says this is how she felt.
Rachel-Hayden (Rachel’s choices at this point were Termayne, Alec, Meatball, Jacob and Hayden)

8 guys for Rachel, 9 for Gabby

Then at the credits meatball says he wants to give it another shot with Rachel and asks what she thinks. He felt that he had more one on one time with Gabby than Rachel. He says he regrets it. Will he be accepted back?

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