The Bachelorette Season 19 Episodes 1 + 2

We have two Bachelorettes this season – Rachel and Gabby. This is kinda yucky since Clayton lumped them together now it feels like we are. But they are both getting the opportunity to be the Bachelorette. Unlike Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season where they made the guys vote between her and Britt. (Britt ended up dating a guy who left the season to date her but they broke up.)

We learn Rachel wants someone tall, athletic, and funny. Gabby wants someone decisive, but looks she has gone for different types (she mentions short and tall). Gabby has her guard up a bit more from the Clayton b.s.

I have very little notes.

We see Zach and Jason. Then Aven Gabby gives us a thumbs up. During the episode Rachel wanted a kiss from him. Jordan H talked to Rachel first. Don’t know why that’s a note. No notes next to Chris’ name. Mario is Gabby’s first impression rose and they kissed. No notes on Ethan. Kirk is a college football coach, and he gives a speech to the guys in a very stereotypical coach fashion to the guys. Logan comes in practically strangling two baby chicks. Both Rachel and Gabby are into him, and he is very charismatic. Quincey is sometimes called Prince. Hayden looks like a combo of Grocery Store Joe and Josh Peck. Rachel seems into him. Ryan shushes Gabby during their alone time. She said she was into it though which seems insane to me but do you boo. Alec’s limo entrance included a choir of children singing a song about how Clayton sucks. James’ nickname is Meatball and he seems funny/nice/friend zoned. Justin B comes in without shoes. Brendan – Rachel said wow. Roby does magic, and he talks to both women together and they feel zero chemistry. John says the wrong name to Gabby so good start. Tino is Rachels first impression rose. He does construction, and Rachel says he’s her type. He brings her to the stairs to create a better memory on the stairs. She I think says he’s what she’s been waiting for. Jacob comes in on a horse looking like a romance novel cover. No notes on Tyler and Colin. Joey and Justin are twins. No notes on Termayne. Spencer brings chairs because he has sisters and knows what it’s like to stand in heels all night. Gabby says he’s her type. No notes on Matt. Nate was in the trailer a lot. Jordan V says he came in for Rachel. Nice chemistry there night one. Erich looks like Nick Viall. Gabby and him laugh together. He also vibed with Rachel. He kisses Rachel, and he was mad he didn’t get either first impression rose.

They end up eliminating Roby and the twins Joey and Justin. And they cancel the rose ceremony because they feel like they didn’t get to talk to enough of them.

Episode 2:

There is not enough beds for 29 guys, so it’s a packed house. People were sleeping in random places, and it’s crowded. The date was originally a pool party but weather didn’t cooperate, so they decide on a pageant talent show where they have 30 minutes to prep a talent. They have them wear speedos, and again sexualize the men. If they win, they get a private date with them. It doesn’t say how many winners there will be.

Notable parts of this date: logan – stubborn honest and kind. Chris I think decided to show his leadership by making the guys do a rhythm. It was weird. Jason talks about getting out of debt/home mortgage purchasing as his talent.

Aven, Logan, Brandon, Jason, Johnny, and Colin get the date 

Some of the guys are showing preference for gabby, and Rachel is starting to have concerns. 

Rachel is into Logan. Logan kissed both of them. Rachel gives a rose to Logan. Gabby give a rose to Johnny

Jordan v gets a one on one. He says the beginning of forever could start today. Rachel is worried no one wants her. But he came for her.

Back at the house Chris is talking about fantasy suites and expecting to be in the final four. A guy asks if he would tell them before during or after fantasy suites. Chris is being a jerk. Making it like he is superior to everyone there. He is coming across condescending.

We learn that Jordan V’s parents divorced when he was 13 years old. He took care of his younger brother and sister. Rachel doesn’t feel it with him and isn’t giving him a rose. My second pick.

Back at the house, Nate gets the date card with Gabby.

Nate comes over to the girl’s place to have champagne and they kiss. Nate and Gabby have a great time helicopter ride and hot tub. The dinner part he says that he has a 6 year old daughter. He said she’s like the human form of coffee. She gives him a rose.

Cocktail party.

Rachel says to the camera if guys don’t start stepping up for her it may not work out.

Rachel has some time with Mario and Tyler and she’s feeling sparks.

Quincey Hayden and Jordan bring up the Chris fantasy suites comment to Rachel. Quincey says he wouldn’t keep a secret like this from his wife. Gabby and Rachel try to hear Chris’ side and it’s worse than when he talked to the guys. All he could’ve said was he would communicate his feelings ahead of time. Then he tries to confront some of the guys that he thought told Gabby and Rachel. Gabby and Rachel come over and say hey we told you to leave, so leave.

The roses are:
Johnny, Logan, Nate

Jordan V, John, Ryan, Brandan, Justin B, Matt, Colin, and Chris go home.

Here are our drafts for this season!

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