The Bachelor Season 26 Finale Part 1 and 2

This was a clusterfuck of a finale.

I am going to write out some bullet points and then come back later.

Clayton talks to Jesse and decides he wants to be brutally honest with the women.

Clayton tells Rachel and Gabby that Susie left. He says the reason why she left was she felt if he was in love with and/or intimate with either Gabby or Rachel, she didn’t feel comfortable staying. He is in love with both of them (and Susie) and he was intimate with both of them. He announces that he told Susie this, and that he is in love with them and Susie, and that that is why she is gone. In other words, Clayton tells both of them Susie left, he loves them and Susie, and he had sex with Rachel and Gabby.

We hear and see both women crying and we paused the TV on this gem of a screenshot.

As this happened, my baby woke up and cries echoed through the house. We found this pause time comical.

He speaks to both women privately after his bombshell drop of an announcement, and they decide to stay.

Rachel accepts her rose, and then Gabby doesn’t. Rachel is in shock and she feels like if Gabby goes, that she only won by default because Susie and Gabby left, not because he actually chose her.

Clayton talks to Gabby, and she says this feels like you are making us compete and it’s whoever you love the most not being in love. He says it’s not most it’s different kinds of love. He did say falling in love about the two of them and that he was in love with Susie (although he does say I love love you too Rachel at her on the balcony and he just has said falling in love with Gabby). Somehow she decides to give it a shot and stay.

The women are both kind of in shock and still very sad by the whole announcement from Clayton and agree collectively they are taking it day by day.

Clayton sits with his family and he tells them the whole situation. He says Gabby and Rachel’s names but then starts describing how amazing Susie is. He says she’s one of a kind (I think here, maybe later in the episode). They meet Gabby first and she is so sweet. Clayton dad totally understands why she almost left and almost agrees with her over Clayton in a way. Rachel was the next day, same thing but the mom. Very nice visits.

Ultimately, he tells his parents that he wants to pick neither of them and that SUSIE is still on his mind. My hubby has the final two and somehow a woman he had a fight with in the last episode when she didn’t want him to fuck to other women before being engaged to her is brought back into play! Wow! We learn she told him to fully explore the other relationships so that’s why he did it. The parents basically call him an idiot and his brother says go be happy basically. Jesse Palmer comes in and it’s the same conversation again basically. And he says okay let’s make that happen.

I forgot that they had Bachelor alum weigh in on the situation. Nick Viall sums things up perfectly. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Claire talk about how he’s in the moment. Claire’s comments were a little confusing. Cassie says she hopes Susie doesn’t feel pressured and she is speaking from experience for sure. I don’t remember what Rodney and Michelle said because it was pretty generic and talking about how he has his heart on his sleeve or something.

Jesse speaks to Susie and says Clayton wants to talk.

Clayton is talking to his parents and Susie comes through the door. They talk outside. He apologizes for how they left things. He calls her one of a kind and stuff. She says she appreciates it and needs to think.

Then Clayton says to the camera that he has to break up with the other women even before knowing what Susie thinks.

Clayton breaks up with both of them together in the same room and now the rose ceremony and this together as a unit was really gross. I know I am judging him, but this is not loving these two women to not at least talk to them one on one. It’s not a good look.

Gabby basically calls him out on his BS and it was wonderful. He leaves Rachel crying in the other room. He asks Gabby if he can walk her out, and she disgustedly said no and it was 10/10 Gabby is wonderful. Don’t take his shit!

Rachel is devasted as she feels she fought for him. She stayed even when she was truly heartbroken by his rose ceremony comments. She stayed even though Gabby and Susie both left and she fought for there love. She cried and couldn’t believe she was going in the car to leave. She left and was shocked he didn’t even cry.

Both of their conversations with him on after the final rose were basically they don’t have feelings for him anymore and getting apologies from him.

Clayton picks out a ring.

Clayton has a whole speech for Susie about how amazing she is. He says he even has a ring hes that serious but doesn’t propose he just kind of holds it in his hands. She basically says thanks you’re a great person but I can’t do this and bounces.

The Bachelor leaves single.

Jesse Palmer says or does he? He says someone reached out to Clayton…but who? And we get a shot of feet that I swear looked like Shanae’s even though I thought there’s no way this isn’t Susie. It’s not Shanae. It is Susie. They are together and dating. He gives her a rose and she accepts and so I pull out the win in the last few minutes.

They announce the Bachelorette isn’t Gabby or Rachel. Then say it’s not Gabby and it’s not Rachel. It’s Gabby AND Rachel. Which they seem to be happy and super excited to do it together, but they had the guys vote on Kaitlyn’s season between her and Brit (I think her name was). Instead of that, they are having both of them the whole season. So that’s exciting and going to be interesting. I’m excited. I love both of them, and I’m shocked that Susie and Clayton look incredibly happy together.

8-5 with Mama in the lead!

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