The Bachelor Season 26 Episodes 9 and 10

People said stuff. I hate the tell all. In summary

• Shanae isn’t sorry

• Cassidy didn’t give up her fuck buddy before going on because the sex was good and she would’ve called it off if she got engaged. She was into him.

• Teddi and Serene got the Bachelorette edits

Clayton’s brother slid into Teddi’s dms

• We learn Sarah lied that Clayton cried with her.

• Genevieve did a lot of facial expressions. She was accused of sliding into Aaron’s dms or chasing clout would bachelor nations Aaron Clancy but they talked at a bar nothing else.

• Sierra had a lot to say. She basically told Clayton and Shanae they sucked.

• Teddi told him I hope you’re okay after everything. And he looked sad.

• Kira said if you’re single call me to Clayton

Fantasy suite week

Rachel gets a date first. They go on a helicopter ride then go to a dormant volcano. Fuck no in my book but hubby would do it. Clayton says he’s falling for her and they go to the fantasy suite.

Susie feels if he sleeps with the other women she doesn’t see how she could get engaged to him. Because she would only sleep with someone she is committed to.

Gabby is next. She’s in a field waiting by herself. They are driving a dune buggy and it’s super cold. She loves getting to be kids with him. That’s what it’s all about. When they talk she says she wants him to explore everything and still choose her without any doubts. He’s falling in love with her. They go into an igloo bed. Super romantic.

Susie walks down a spiral staircase and she says she spiraling.

The next morning he says he’s falling in love and it feels so good. Gabby came back and had her hair the same from the previous night and Susie pointed it out that she has bed head. Gabby asks if it looks okay and Susie squints and says mhmm. You can feel the tension. Susie leaves the room.

Clayton knows he’s going to hurt someone.

On Susie’s date it is windy and hailing. They go to a hot spring resort that has hot and cold areas and saunas and things. In the night portion it gets a little rough. Clayton says he loves her, which is stronger than the falling in love with the other two women. Susie says even though she told him to explore the other relationships, she wouldn’t get engaged if he was intimate with anyone else or if he feels this strongly about the other people. He says why didn’t you say that ahead of time? He would have done things differently then. She wishes she did. He wishes she did. She says she can’t move forward. He asks if she would want to do a fantasy suite to talk more in private. She declines and walks off. He is frustrated and clearly annoyed at himself and their miscommunication. He wishes he knew this was a dealbreaker ahead of time. They try to talk again but at this point he is annoyed and feels like it’s done. So she wishes it didn’t end this way and feels awful that this is how she feels. Their walk to the car is awkward. It’s clear he loved her and regrets not knowing her dealbreaker boundary, but he shouldn’t have slept with the other women if he felt certain it was her. I wouldn’t want an engagement to someone that slept with two women the week before. But they do kind of know this comes with this weird show’s premise and that learning if they have sexual chemistry is important to choose your partner. So I understand both sides.

Communication is important.

We learn that the finale is two nights, Clayton says that he slept with both of them. His dad says you screwed the pooch. Writing during tax season has been tricky I hope I post these sooner than this one. This has been a busy week ending in a really nice Sunday.

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