The Bachelor season 26 Episode 8

First date is Susie and we are in Virginia. They are in a pretty forest near a lake and then they go to jiu jitsu which she loved when she was in Japan and helped her with body image. They have a picnic where they don’t open the basket at all and instead sit and talk. She highly values her dads opinion, and he was recently sick which made her nervous he wouldn’t be there for her wedding. To bring someone home is a big deal to her.

He meets her parents, sister and best friend. Her family says how amazing she is.

Then we see gabby stare longingly on a rock in Denver Colorado. We learn she was a Denver Broncos cheerleader. They go on a hike. She’s such a ball of energy. Because her dads girlfriend was recently diagnosed with cancer, they aren’t going to be there. He meets her grandpa, aunt uncle and cousin. Her grandpa is adorable. Her dad does a surprise visit at the end which was sweet. She’s ready to be engaged.

Serene is back in Oklahoma City. She does the trademarked bachelor jump. They do an obstacle course. They both compare an obstacle course to love. They talk by a lake. They meeting her mom brother and best friend. Her parents divorced when she was 2. Her dad won’t be there. The big brother doesn’t want to see her hurt. She says she has gone from falling in love to in love.

Rachel is in Florida. He jokes that he will do the bachelor jump and she will catch him. They are in a clear kayak and there are alligators and bears. Then they make out at the kissing tree and take off their clothes and jump in. And they were safe from the alligators. We learn her dad hasn’t liked anyone she’s brought home. Rachel talks to her friend. Her friends don’t want her to get hurt. They don’t have time for it. She says Tony doesn’t like anybody. Clayton looks nervous talking to Tony. They ask each other questions and Tony says I’ll pat you on the arm if It goes well talking to my daughter. He pats him on the arm. Then we get an instant replay of it. Rachel says she’s falling harder.

We go back to the mansion. Jesse and Clayton recap. He’s falling for each of them in a different capacity.

First rose is Susie. Then is Gabby. The final rose of the evening goes to Rachel and Serene goes home. In their private talking after, he says he had stronger connections.

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