The Bachelor Season 26 Episode 7

All the girls are waiting to see if Sarah comes back. Mara says it’s not fair sarah got two one on ones when some girls haven’t had one yet. Sarah is pissed walking back. She says to everyone that it made their relationship stronger. Mara is rolling her eyes. Sarah continues saying the person mentioning her age. Mara says she told him it’s wild someone got two one on ones and that she doesn’t think she’s ready. Sarah says that Clayton said it was a last ditch effort from someone going home. Which he didn’t.

Teddi Sarah and Rachel have roses.

Cocktail party

He talks to serene first. He says he wanted to say how important it was that she shared her story about her cousin with fireflies so he had fairy lights in a jar for her.

Then he talked to Susie and said he couldn’t be more happy. He says he’s all in.

Next is Teddi. They talk about hometowns being closer. Then Rachel. He says it started almost too good.

Mara pulls Sarah. Mara basically calls her cocky and that she should go back to calm quiet confidence. Mara didn’t let Sarah say a single word.

Mara says Sarah is manipulative and boastful.


Teddi, Sarah, Rachel





Eliza and Mara go home. Mara just spiraled in the environment and got ageist. She’s ready, this wasn’t it. Sarah is probably also ready.

We are now in Vienna Austria. Gabby tells us it’s the last stop before hometowns. It’s a different air or heir? Here.

Susie gets the one on one. They have a town car. They went shopping. She wears what’s looking like a dead flamingo and a few other outfits. She comes in with a bunch of bags. Then a guy comes in with the red dress she tried on. All the women are jealous.

She says she didn’t feel worthy of the shopping spree.

Serene gets the other one on one. Genevieve, Sarah, Teddi, gabby, Rachel get the group date and they do therapy together.

Gabby goes first. She talks about how her mom was conditionally loving her. She has a good relationship with her dad.

Teddi said she’s more open than she’s ever been.

Genevieve says she’s nervous and doesn’t like to share her feelings. The therapist says to try. She says she doesn’t know what’s going on inside of her. The therapist says then what can Clayton do. Genevieve says I don’t know. They talk in private and he says since she still hasn’t opened up he sent her home. He wants someone who communicates.

Rachel goes next. She’s starting to question. He says he doesn’t has reservations with Rachel.

Sarah says she loves therapy. She says to the women that she’s not nervous. She says she happy the therapist is there. She said it was hard last week. The therapist (Katherine) said someone was performative.

Clayton said to Rachel I know that’s not you. Rachel Teddi and gabby say that Sarah said she and Clayton cried on their one on one and Sarah said a lot of things that made the other women question if they should be there.

Sarah when confronted by Clayton. Long story short Clayton says she’s trying to force out tears. He doesn’t believe her. He’s done with her and sends her home. It’s hard to tell if she was just talking about her date and got in the women’s heads maliciously and intentionally or not the past few weeks. She did lie about Clayton saying that long shot comment though. Ultimately they aren’t a match. He seemed to like her a lot but I think it was physical and less of an emotional connection.

He doesn’t give out the group date rose.

Serene and Clayton dance in the streets together. They talk about hometowns. They talk about how she had a high school bf and that was the last time she brought someone home. They grew apart and became different people. She says she’s falling in love with him. He gives her the rose.

Susie and serene have roses. So I have 2 people in hometowns. He gives the next roses to Rachel and Gabby. Teddi goes home making both of our first picks go home. Since we saw he was intimate with three women I’m not surprised Teddi was sent home. Either way I like each of the final four.

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