The Bachelor Season 26 episode 6

The women speculate over who will come home from the two on one. Genevieve makes a toast about integrity and trying new things. He takes her first. She says it’s been hard being vulnerable and she’s trying. She says she’s all in. They kiss. Shanae is trying to spy on them. Shanae picks up the rose and says she’s not worried. Clayton likes his connection with her but that there’s tension. He wants to know how she’s doing with it. She says there’s no trust between her and Genevieve. She says Genevieve said she wanted to go home. We didn’t see this I think. She says it’s an actress vibe. She says she feels butterflies with him. She says she’s never been in love even though she has had three boyfriends and cries. THEN She dances in her ITM and says tears woo #tears. So she was pretending to be upset.

We see beautiful shots of the falls. Clayton says Genevieve I want you to always be honest with me are you an actress. Genevieve was shocked and said no and that she doesn’t know where that came from. He steps away. Shanae says she didn’t think Genevieve would be here based on last night. Clayton pulls a fake out and says Shanae…I’m sorry I can’t give you this rose.

Cocktail party. The women are happy.

Sarah pulls him first. She says it’s starting to feel like real life. Rachel next. She feels like they are on another level he feels comforted and excited. She says you have no idea what I’m feeling right now. He says I have somewhat of an idea because I’m feeling the same way.

Mara feeds him poutine. Then she gets interrupted. She then cries with Marlena because she is frustrated and ready for love.

Rose ceremony

Gabby, Genevieve, Rachel







Hunter and Marlena go home. We loved Marlena. They go to hvar Croatia. It’s gorgeous! Near Italy. A one on one with Teddi starts the day. Nothing really notable in the day portion. She tells him she’s a virgin not waiting for marriage but for love. Her mom has her young and her mom didn’t want her to have a kid young. She says she trusts him and likes their connection. He gives her a rose.

Mara is struggling not getting the one on one. The next date card says serene Rachel Susie gabby Eliza Genevieve Mara -it’s an honor to fall in love with you. Sarah is the only one remaining so she gets a one on one.

Group date. Mara is jealous and annoyed. There is a list of quests for them to complete. They pick out outfits. They fight in a circle one in one. There’s a beast within Hannah beast. I mean susie. They eat exotic food. I would eat it. It’s the other people gagging I would hate. The women then have to say what they are fighting for. Mara recites a cute poem. Serene wins the group date.

Night portion. Clayton toasts to once in a lifetime opportunity with once in a lifetime women. Rachel first. Rachel says she is falling for him so hard and is terrified because she doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. She would love to bring him home to her family. She’s the first to say it to him. Gabby has a cute moment with him. Mara is complaining that he’s paying more attention to the younger ones. She’s starting to snap. She is saying he’s not living up to what he’s saying he wants. He wants to know specifics. She says some girls would be excited getting married but can’t picture it. Mara says she doesn’t think Sarah is ready. Mara is sounding bitter and resentful for not getting the one on one. Rachel gets the rose.

There’s a note saying Clayton meet me at the clock tower. It’s Susie! And he says I’m so happy so it’s not her saying I’m falling for you! They splices it in the trailer. They go to the top of the clock tower. She says I’m falling in love with you. He says oh my gosh.

Mara starts spiraling and tells Gabby how she was very honest with Clayton. She hopes if he heard me and sees he hurt me.

Jesse and Clayton talk and Clayton says he’s worried he will pick someone that isn’t ready. He says listen to your heart. Sarah is 23. He asks if she wants to be married actually at the end. He said someone told him stuff. She said she sees it going somewhere. She says yeah being engaged sounds crazy but she could see it. She’s ready to be engaged. She looks upset and worried and he steps away. She is hysterical crying. Mara says I don’t thinks she’s ready because I wasn’t ready at that age.

Sarah is crying to the producer wondering who said this. Sarah doesn’t want to lose him over this. He gives her the rose.

Sarah comes back PISSED. And that’s it til next episode

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