The Bachelor Season 26 episode 5

Suzy, Rachel and Jill are talking about how crazy it was that Shanae interrupted the group date and threw the trophy.

Clayton liked the conversation he had with shanae when she crashed.

Serene has a one on one with Clayton. They go to pleasure pier which has rollercoasters and is an amusement park/carnival type spot. It’s very playful, and when they sit down he says he thinks she mysterious after she asks what he wants to know about her.

She says her family didn’t talk about emotions. He says he had the same. He feels like there’s a wall with her. She was very close with her grandma (her mom was a single mom) and she passed recently. Her cousin who she was close with too (a year younger than her) also passed recently who struggled with drugs. She has older brothers. She shares stories growing up with her cousin. She gets a rose.

Rose ceremony.

Some of the other women start talking to Shanae. Clayton says he wants to talk to the winning team from the group date. He wants the full story. Sierra gives him the play by play from the group date. Melinda says how you should just take the L. Susie and Teddi also say the trophy thing. He takes shanae to-talk next.

She owns up to what she did. He says he doesn’t want drama. He wants to know if she feels apologetic and says it’s hard to defend. She says it was in the moment and she’s sorry and hopes you can accept her apology. Shanae apologizes (with tears) to all of the women for taking up extra time and her actions. Melinda and Susie accept her apology. She tells Clayton that she apologized and she’s thankful she did it and it went well. THEY KISS. THEN SHE SAYS “ITS THE HARDEST THING SHE HAS TO DO IN HER LIFE…IM NOT SORRY HOES. I NEED AN OSCAR…I’m the next Meryl Streep” step aside Greg lol. She says to give her a Tony and a Grammy too.

The roses are













Lyndsey W, Jill, Sierra

Sierra says pick someone for the man you are going to become not the man you are today.

Clayton says we are going international to Toronto Canada.

Gabby gets a one on one. She says she’s surprised and excited and thanks for being happy for me. She is adorable. They play hockey on the park then have a fried dough pastries then play with a dog then sit and talk. Dan says they are smitten.

Group date is announced. It is Rachel Sarah serene Marlena Susie Hunter Eliza Teddi Mara – can you take the heat. Shanae and Genevieve get a two on one. Shanae says maybe it could be good but that’s not how two on ones work.

Gabby says she’s falling for him In A very deep manner in her ITM. Aw. He likes being silly with her. She says she like to give love but has trouble receiving. Her mom would be hot and cold with her love. They don’t have a relationship now but she hopes in the future maybe they can again. That is hard. He gives her a rose. They kiss in a hotub. He said love could be on the horizon with her.

Group date begins. No Shanae they are excited. It was a roast. People basically took digs at Clayton and shanae. Mara and Sarah took digs at each other about their ages. At the night portion, Susie says what she likes about him. Marlena goes all in for everything she does. Rachel and Clayton have an adorable connection. Hunter and Clayton laugh together but it’s completely different than Rachel in body language. We see the same good body language sign Sarah. Rachel gets the rose.

Two on one they go to Niagara Falls.

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