The Bachelor Season 26 Episode 4

We start being reminded that the Elizabeth shanae drama is being addressed tonight before the ceremony. Clayton shows up while the girls are arguing about shrimp. Both of them were disrespectful during this. Basically shanae felt ignored when she came to the hot tub and Elizabeth ignored her. Clayton left and is confused. He’s listening in.

We went back to the tape in the prior episode. Mara said yes to Shanae’s shrimp and Elizabeth didn’t answer or look at her. She was in the hot tub. During the conversation with Clayton, Elizabeth said she was upstairs. She wasn’t.

Shanae gets a plate of delicious looking shrimp sushi.

Genevieve gets into it with Shanae who asks Genevieve why are you all calling me a liar. They bring up how Shanae brought up Elizabeth’s mental health issues in one of their first fights. All the women are annoyed because they think it’s about shrimp. Meanwhile shanae is right about the shrimp…partially. But Elizabeth probably couldn’t hear her because she has that symptom of her ADHD. She was in a conversation so she probably didn’t hear Shanae ask about shrimp.

Jesse says that Clayton wants to cance the cocktail party.

Jill is annoyed about the “shrimp gate”. Genevieve is annoyed that she is missing out with time over shrimp.

The roses are

Eliza, Gabby, Sarah













Elizabeth, Melina and Kira

Shanae says “I won, Elizabeth is gone.”

“There will not be a date today…here in Los Angeles…” okay Jesse. They are going to Houston TX.

Clayton says he has friends here. His best friend Clarence is there. He’s married and has a cute baby.

Rachel gets a one on one. They go horseback riding. There’s a grill and ladder all and beer. They are “crashing” the party. Rachel and Clayton have a nice vibe together. Very laid back, sarcastic jabs. Just very sweet. This is looking good for dan. They are having a moment on a lake on a dock.

Sarah Eliza Teddi Marlena Jill Susie Mara Sierra Hunter Lyndsey Genevieve, gabby Shanae

Serene gets a one on one.

Rachel and Clayton are on the night portion he said she is special. He says special a lot. He says the more I talk to you the more questions I have. He is wondering why she is single. She says it’s because she was focusing on her job and she had an unsupportive ex. He would think she was going to cheat on him. She didn’t feel supported. Clayton says he would support her. He promises he will be there. They have a private concert where he gives her the rose. It’s a band with a cute song I like. Restless road. Growing old with you.

Some of the women are saying how they are annoyed shanae didn’t apologize for the cocktail party. They want to band together and get her out. Shanae hears them discussing getting her out.

The date is a tailgate. And then some football. Tackle football. Winners stay, losers go home. One of the teams name is shrimp stampede and that has shanae. Then purple punishers who obviously win has all the athletic ones. They had a cool flashback to all the old football dates. That was for the husbands being forced to watch it. It has the fuzzy discolored past tape. So funny. Sierra and Marlena carry the team basically.

Teddi scraped up her knee. She says it was hard growing up wanting to be perfect for her dad.

They are happy there is no drama.

The trailer in the beginning of this episode showed us they would win and shanae would crash this.

Sierra and Genevieve tell Clayton that they don’t like Shanae and say she isn’t a good person and she doesn’t apologize. Shanae, general shanobi as my husband calls her because he struggles with her name at first. Shanae lies to Clayton and says she was on the winning team and that she deserves to be here. She interrupted Sarah’s time. She brings up what she heard through the wall. They end up kissing. They’re kissing on the bar. She tells Sierra and Genevieve to keep her name out of their fucking mouths. She throws the trophy in the bushes and leaves.

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