The Bachelor Season 26 episode 3

Just want to preface that I still haven’t had time to edit this nor the prior episode. I’m in tax season so my writing is a little poor this time of year. Last episode we saw Shanae mock Elizabeths ADHD in the ITMs (in the moment side interviews). It was disappointing to say the least.

We learn that Cassidy has a Fwb but we learn she is trying to make that guy jealous

Clayton fills in Jesse about the FWB. Cassidy is bragging to the other girls saying I have a rose why are these girls talking about me with their time. Clayton pulls her. She says I already know what you’re going to say. He mentions the FWB. She says I haven’t talked to a guy I wanted to have a relationship in a long time. He mentions she was FaceTiming him. She says she wasn’t going to continue that because he could tell it wasn’t going anywhere. He sprints away and she tries to follow him then she goes somewhere and cries. She doesn’t know what she can do. She then says yes I had something the past few months. But she says she’s already falling. He says he is afraid of someone not being here for the right reasons. She says no one else glows when they walk away from you. No one else here like you as much as I do.

“Holy shirts and pants y’all”

Exactly Kate.

Cassidy is smiling as she’s crying. Clayton feels like the trust was broken. A lot of women didn’t get to talk to him. He says it’s hard to take back a rose. It made him sick to his stomach. He says that it took up a lot of time and apologizes for that.

These women get roses:

Susie. Sarah






Lyndsey W











We get a warning that this segment contains sensitive material. Three dates two group dates and one amazing romantic one on one.

The first date is serene Suzy Eliza Mara Marlena Hunter Genevieve jill – I see you- Clayton. Katelyn is the host of a dark room with chairs in a circle. She reads statements and if they resonate they are supposed to stand. We learn a lot of the women were bullied especially for their bodies or dealt with emotional abuse from partners.

Serene and him connect over that they were brought up not to talk about emotions. Susie says the day portion of this date was great.

Sarah gets the one on one.

Eliza bonds over that he’s genuine. Same thing with Genevieve. And Mara. Eliza gets the rose. He wishes he could give out 8 roses.

Sarah has the one on one next. They are doing a scavenger hunt in their underwear all around LA. They break piñatas. They have to sing. They keep showing cops. Sarah raps instead.

Elizabeth makes shrimp for everyone. But shanae takes most of them. Shanae says Elizabeth just wants attention. Then shanae makes some and asks people if they want some. And Elizabeth won’t look at her so shanae hates her again. It’s really dumb. Elizabeth probably didn’t hear her.

Clayton and Sarah go to an immersive Van Gogh museum to chat at night. We learn she was adopted and we learn her struggles with that. She says she hopes he finds his person.

The group date is gabby Rachel Kira Melina Lyndsey Sierra Teddi Elizabeth and Shanae – loves a beach. The girls are all excited and shanae is busy hating Elizabeth.

Back to the one on one. He gives her the rose.

They are playing beach football and we have Nicole eggert from bay watch teaching them how to be lifeguards in red iconic one piece.

Shanae puts sunblock on Clayton’s nipples. In cpr they are all being sexy with it. Then they do slow no runs. Shanae does a walk instead then makes out with him. She hopes Elizabeth saw it. Nicole gives gabby the bonus time. The women hope it’s drama free so it won’t be. Clayton comes in with a leather jacket.

Rachel and him have a good connection. Gabby likes being goofy. Shanae is making sure she gets to him before Elizabeth. She feels like she’s being bullied by Elizabeth. He says she’s a liar, a bully and toxic. And she’s crying and all of a sudden stops and moves on and they kiss She says I’m her ITM. “Omg he believed me I have him trust me I know I have him. I was good. Holy shit I was GOOD. I didn’t mean to cry but I cried. *laughs*I’ve never felt so confident and happier. Fuck Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth and Clayton talk. He wants to know her opinion about Shanae feeling bullied and that it’s toxic. She feels like she is ignored when Elizabeth is around. He wants to hear both sides. She says talk to other people there’s nothing I’ve had against her. She says I’ve been nothing but nice to her and she doesn’t know what she did. He’s confused.

Lyndsey cries because he talked to her about the bullying. Sierra confronts Shanae and then Elizabeth and Shanae fight. He gives Gabby the rose. Clayton wants to address the drama with everyone. So he will tomorrow. Shanae says Elizabeth is a lying adhd ass in another ITM.

The insecurity circle and Sarah one on one was great. It shows there a some genuine connections here and we love to see that.

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