The Bachelor Season 26, Episode 2

They show the women freak out that they are back in the mansion…historic and legendary. They were here for the rose ceremony and cocktail hour last episode I don’t get it.

Clayton quotes high school musical and says this is the start of something new. (Wrong blonde Clayton)

Jesse Palmer introduces himself. A blonde asks if he’s happily married and he is. The first date is teddy ency Melina gabby Kira Mara sierra geniveve serene Cassidy

The date card says “This is what dreams are made of.”. There are children in a bouncy house. Then the kids run away and Hilary duff shows up. Cassidy is so excited. The women have to plan a birthday party. Everyone is helping except Cassidy who says she’s not here to make a dollhouse she’s here to date Clayton. She is supposed to be helping Gabby. Cassidy is making out with Clayton.

The kids come back out and Clayton is loving being around them. Most of them have a great time with kids. Cassidy says she doesn’t like being around kids. Then she tells Hilary duff that she doesn’t like kids.

Cassidy drops the cake after singing to Maya. Then she’s on top of Clayton by the pool again.

Serene talks to Clayton first. They talk about her job and they kiss. The women are talking to Cassidy about they didn’t like that she didn’t help and smashed the cake. She said they aren’t paying us I’m only here to date Clayton. She’s rude to the women and says narrowing down these women will take a minute.

Teddi is saying it’s hard seeing him with other women. She wants validation. He says ignore everything else.

Sierra is bubbly. Gabby loves kids. Clayton and gebiveive make another cake. Susie gets the first one on one (take it to new heights).

Cassidy asks Mara if they’re looking at her. She’s a nut. She talks Clayton she’s not here to make gabby happy. They make out again. He gives her the rose. Cassidy calls her rose her victory in her ITM.

Cassidy talks to Shanae. She says she expected the rose. She says now she doesn’t have to worry.

Susie is nervous. They have a helicopter date. Rachel is upset as a pilot she wishes she was on that date. The helicopter lands on a boat. Clayton likes how genuine she is. They jump off the boat. The night portion they talk about their families. Her dad was really sick and had organ failure, survived it, and now has been able to hold his grandson. Her mom stayed by his bedside. They both want a life partner, is this is a very nice conversation. Then they do one of those one on one concerts. He gives her the rose.

Cassidy and Shanae talk and Cassidy says “start early. Early connections are what last. To be a competitor and to have a shot you have to say let’s go.”

Date card:
Marlena Elizabeth late Sarah Lindsey Rachel Tessa and Shanae. Jill isn’t on the date and she is stressed. Shanae and Cassidy are the only two that cheer for Shanae.

Shanae gets the jump up hello first. They have Ziwe (comedian) here to see if they are here for the right reasons. Elizabeth sat next to him. Shanae says she used to be shy before she got here. They play never have I ever and then an obstacle course. All of them are cheating and pouring milk on themselves. Shanae shoved Elizabeth down. Sarah won. Shanae is pissed she lost. She is determined to win this part. Elizabeth grabbed him first. They play never have I ever and they both rap them then the next one is never have I ever kissed the bachelor. They kissed.

Shanae is upset she didn’t pull him first and she doesn’t like Elizabeth.

He likes Sarah. She says she’s been herself.

Marlena shares that she was an Olympian. Rachel wants to make sure it’s not one sided. Clayton has no concerns. Shanae tells Clayton she thinks Elizabeth is two faced and not here for the right reasons. Shanae acts like she didn’t say anything when the girls ask around.

Clayton addresses Elizabeth. She doesn’t know where this came from and shares that shanae pushed her. The girls are shocked that shanae lied to them. Shanae says she feels like Elizabeth ignored her but Elizabeth has an auditory processing form of adhd and needs to focus on one person taking at once. Shanae felt ignored.

Clayton is grateful shanae came to him. He likes that Sarah feels here for the right reason so he gives Sarah the rose.

Elizabeth says I’m not sorry you got time to shanae. Shanae tells all the girls that apparently Elizabeth has adhd. Shanae is annoyed Elizabeth said they were cool when they talked one on one and then says that now that they are in front of everyone. She keeps saying Elizabeth said I love u in the hug and she didn’t. Shanae spirals a little and

Eliza is being positive even though she wasn’t on a date this week. They kiss. He talks to jill too. Gabby and Clayton kiss.

Shanae and Elizabeth talk again. Shanae is accusing her of not having adhd. Shanae says she’s using it as an excuse. Shanae says she has it too. Some girls then confront her. She keeps trying to say sorry but… the girls say she shouldn’t bring up Elizabeth’s adhd to the other women. Cassidy says she doesn’t support shanae in this.

Clayton likes that Cassidy is aggressive and assertive. Clayton likes that it is no drama and a great night. Cassidy says she has a fuck buddy on and off at home. She didn’t say which show it was but he said they can watch it together when they get back. Sierra tells him.

Clayton asks Jesse if anyone has ever taken a rose back. Then it’s to be continued in two weeks.

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