The Bachelor, Season 26, Episode 1

So Clayton really wants to have a family. Jesse Palmer sounds like Chris Harrison

Lets meet the women.

Shanae – competitive

Gabby says he mustve been a tight end, nfl cheerleader, covid nurse – girl that had bun in hair in promo

Rachel – flight instructor

Daria from baldwin, law school

Susie- ju jitsu, miss usa competitor, wedding videographer

Elizabeth- real estate agent?

Teddu – RN, virgin

Salley – Previously engaged, she said trust was missing, their wedding was supposed to be today

So Salley goes to meet Clayton and tell him this is hard because she was previously engaged and supposed to be married yesterday. She is struggling and thinking over what her wedding day would’ve been like. She is wishing she was near family. She is having a hard time, and he wants her here and wants to give her the first impression rose. She realizes she is not ready to accept a rose, even though she feels a connection with him.  She needs to have some time having therapy. 

We see Jesse and Clayton at the mansion.  I like him as a host.  He sounds like Chris Harrison. “Let the journey begin.”

First limo:

Sarah (saw her a lot in promo) – Went to Clemson (tigers) he went to Mizzou – she gives him a tiger

Lyndsey W – from the south but youll have me looking north

Genivieve – excited

Ency – oh maybe it was her in promo- half persian – would love to have a friendship that turns into love

Susie – she had a hand buzzer

Second limo

Claire –

Serene –  said she was beautiful

Teddi – we get a music change, no words for her he says

Tessa – an “asset”

Lindsay D –

Daria  – rose necklace

He comes in and says he is excited

Kate – his face LIGHTS up, they have a nip of alcohol, she adorable

Sierra – says shes his wife and she came back from the future

Melinds has moon shoes

Hailey needs help opening a pickle jar.

Jill brings the ashes of her exes incase he makes the same mistake

Marlena – penalty – 15 yeards for being so fine

Jane – 33, been called a cougar, she likes to be called vintage, Arriving in style, said she was beautiful

Holly – 63 looking for the senior bachelor, introduces you to Rachel

Rachel – apparently Holly was her wingwoman

-Barmitvah dancer very intense, didn’t say anything  

Kira-Someone is in nurse/dr lingerie – she is a physician

Mara- like marinara

Rianna – save a horse ride a cowgirl

Eliza – eat a sausage

Gabby – ICU nurse, wants to sit on your face.

Elizabeth spanks him with a whip

Hunter – has a snake

Samantha -bubble bath and champagne

Cassidy – Tiny jeep

Shanae – Big Jeep

Then he comes in, does a toast, and he was so nervous he spills his drink.He said he wants to get down on one knee.  He talks to Susie? Ency? first. She asks him how he is feeling, She likes being out of her comfort zone. 

Then Elizabeth gives him a 100-year-old photo. 

Teddi too. She talks quickly. HE says it’s something about you.  She said he was who she wanted to be the Bachelor.  He is very happy she is there. She says so far so good. And he says a little bit more than that.  And kisses her. 

Kira goes and kisses him immediately.

Some girl kisses after they talk in german…they don’t always say the names!

First impression rose comes out Oh now Clayton has moon shoes with moon shoes girl

The snake girl brings out the snake

Small car girl kisses him after they race.

Claire is a Washington football team. Clayton is a raiders fan. She has chicken wings and ranch. They like the opposite wing types. A girl steals him. She is like well I won.  Then she ate a drumstick when she likes the flats.  She said that he was too nice, and he beat him in cornhole.  One of the girls says well at least you got time.  She says she would eat him and spit him out. She said she hated him multiple times.

Clayton pulls her and asks if she said she hated him.  And she says that he just hasn’t clicked.  She was sent home. He addresses the women and asks if anyone else doesn’t want to be there.  Someone says oh hush.

He asks to see Genevieve and she says she wants to be here.  They have a nice vibe. 

Flight instructor woman next…Rachel.  He said he is afraid of heights. They have weird flirty flying puns.  They kiss and we get some music. 

He gives the first impression rose to Teddi. He likes their connection. They look natural together. 

The roses are (Teddi):

  1. Serene
  2. Susie
  3. Eliza
  4. Rachel
  5. Ency  
  6. Sarah
  7. Kate
  8. Cassidy
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Kira
  11. Shanae
  12. Sierra
  13. Mara
  14. Marlena
  15. Genevieve
  16. Melina
  17. Gabby
  18. Jill
  19. Lyndsey W
  20. Hunter
  21. Tessa

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