2022 Drafts


Dan gets first pick
Teddi -2/21Genevieve – 2/21
Serene – 2/28Sarah – 2/21
Susie *winnerShanae -2/14
Ency – 1/24Rachel 3/15
Eliza – 2/21Gabby 3/15
Cassidy – 1/24Elizabeth – 1/31
Kate -1/24Kira – 1/31
Sierra – 2/7Jill – 2/7
Hunter – 2/14Lyndsey W – 2/7
Mara – 2/21Marlena -2/4
Tessa – 1/24Melina – 1/31

Susie left before the other two meet his parents. He asks her to come back, and she goes to the rose ceremony. She says no there. However, she reaches out to him after filming the large portion of the show filmed. They start dating, and he gives her a rose at the after the final rose special. She receives the final rose, and she accepts and thus is the winner. The overall stats are Bach Mama Michelle with 8, Bach Papa trailing with 5. He says he should e considered Bach Boy until he receives a win. I created an overall stats page which I will link here if you are curious.