The Bachelorette Season 18 Finale

Kaitlyn announces the start of the live finale. Tayshia has been exposed to Covid. Becca and Thomas are there and so are Joe and Serena.

Kaitlyn says will she be engaged and will it be to Nayte…very long pause…or Brandon. Michelle’s dad Ephraim says that Brandon reminds him of himself.

The parents like Brandon. It was a quick visit. Her dad shared her ambitions of being a principal.

Nayte seems nervous talking to her family. Her dad shares that she wants to stay in Minnesota. Her sister asks him if he would actually settle somewhere instead of going place to place. Her mom doesn’t feel he’s ready. He’s tripping on his words a bit and is a less open man than Brandon.

Michelle’s mom LaVonne feels Nayte isn’t as warm as Brandon. She doesn’t feel he’s ready for an engagement. Michelle and Nayte talk. He says he loves her and means it. Michelle is worried he won’t stick around.

Her parents say they will support her no matter what, but they have a clear favorite.

Brandon and Michelle date. Brandon feels like her family really welcomed him in. She says this is her last date with Brandon until the proposal. She feels like she’s falling in love but not in love yet. They are going jet skiing. She can see spending her life with him. During the night portion, they talk about their favorite moments. His were meeting her and her parents. Hers was that he checked in with her during the rose ceremony. He gives her a gift and it’s his stained sweatshirt from the food fight. Brandon says he loves her. She says she’s in love with him. Ben Higgins walked so that all these people could run.

Nayte date with a shaman. Nayte is very nervous. She can tell he’s trying but that he’s uneasy. She feels it’s a red flag and that his walls are up and he’s not being vulnerable. He says he’s scared and didn’t expect for this to work out. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

During the night portion, Nayte worries in his ITM that he worries he’s communicating too late. Michelle and Nayte say I love you a lot. He doesn’t want to lose her. She feels he’s her person. Then Brandon writes an amazing letter filled with everything she said she wanted in a man. And she doesn’t have to pull it out over and over. She would be doing all the work if she picks Nayte (my opinion).

Nayte picks out a ring. Brandon picks out a ring. Michelle wants to put herself first. She feels one of the guys she would be devastated to live without one of them.

We first see Brandon wearing breakup blue. His speech is heartwarming. She says she’s following her heart. He still wishes her nothing but happiness and says he will always be there for her. As they say goodbye Michelle says what am I doing. He is heartbroken. We probably haven’t seen a guy this heartbroken since Blake on Becca’s season. Brandon threw something. Did he just throw the ring?! I was typing here. He threw something off the cliff!

Nayte comes down. He wants to run away together. Michelle talks about how she has had fears of not being out first. She loves him with her whole heart. He says he loves her and he proposes. They look really happy. He accepts the rose.

After the final rose. Brandon first. He just wanted what was best for her. He was sure of Michelle. He’s grateful for his support system.

The last 45 minutes I’m watching tomorrow because the baby still didn’t fall asleep.

Brandon, then Brandon and Michelle

Nayte comes out to sit with Michelle. They are happy. he knew he was falling in love during their first one on one. He’s very vulnerable and communicative now. The airing took two months. Michelle’s parents are there tonight and they love him now. Their moms are besties.

They have paulie sticking his tongue to ice.

They are happy to have their families get together. Nayte makes her feel seen and beautiful. They show a recap. He is going to move to Minnesota in a few months. They are house hunting. Paulie Claus brings them a $200,000 “down payment” for a house.

Clayton, the Bachelor, comes out. They say there’s some mixed reviews about him being the Bachelor. These are really mean tweets not in a funny way. Yes, Rodney would’ve been great but the rest were bullying and mean.

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