The Bachelorette Season 18 Episode 9

So to preface this, my baby adorable nugget of a six month old has been waking me up at 4 am since December third. My writing/note taking isn’t at its best. I also thought this was the three hour finale which is next week. In my notes I even wrote here’s the finale. I’m also late for all my Christmas prep and never posted. I went back through it

Overnights in Mexico.

Michelle and Kaitlyn talk on the beach to recap the guys. She has no concerns about Brandon. Joe and her have basketball, and everything she has seen she loves. Nayte – good looking, but can he be emotionally vulnerable enough and have hard conversations.

Tayshia says it’s time for one on ones aka fantasy suites.

Brandon first. They ride horses on the beach, and his family loved her. Night part. He says he’s all in. He loves her. She’s falling in love. She says she feels safe with him. When they wake up, he wants this to be every day. They wake up the next day, and they have a good fight. I actually like them together the best I think. They are playful yet serious.

Brandon comes back and we have an awkward boy chat. Joes date is next and the guys are all freaking out a little. Joe knows he is a little more slow, quiet and laid back but wants to be out there more. They go zip lining, and they have a lot of fun. During the night portion. They both want to make a difference. He’s a real estate agent, which I think we hear him talk about his job for the first time here. They go to the fantasy suite.

Nayte is happy he’s going last. Brandon says in my mind she’s my wife. Nayte says not yet. Brandon is thinking a lot about the other guys.

In the morning, joe and Michelle kiss and Michelle’s eye was open. I didn’t see a single meme about this I’m surprised. He says he’s falling more in love with her every time they are together. She calls him her slice of home and possibly her soul mate. She can see a future with him. She says she has clarity.

Joe comes back and said it was fun. Nayte has a look of stress. Nayte says he’s catching feelings. He looks excited when he’s on the pier. They go on a boat. He likes the little things about her. He says he’s crazy about her. She thinks she could get heartbroken with him.

The guys don’t think Nayte will open up enough.

Michelle is concerned Nayte won’t be ready for an engagement. Nayte has been thinking about his feelings after the hometown date. He has been thinking how things will be after this. He says he’s falling in love with her, and that he hasn’t felt this way before. She wants to know if he can get to wanting an engagement and he says most definitely. This gave her clarity. So it seems like she is picking Nayte and Joe since she said clarity with both of them. They also have a fantasy suite. She wants someone that loves her as much as she loves them. She may be in love with Nayte. In the morning they say they are in love with each other. A mariachi band sings to them on from below the balcony.

I skipped ahead to the rose ceremony because I’m tired. It seemed like they made the guys talk and I ignored it because I thought I was in for another hour or so of tv.

Brandon wants to talk to her before they start the ceremony. Michelle is crying. He wants her to know he’s there for her regardless. She walks away without him. Seemed pointless although a nice gesture. I think Nayte said it seems like a Hail Mary. Or maybe that didn’t happen I am thinking of this a week later after writing.

She gives the roses to Nayte and Brandon.

She sends Joe home and he seems okay in the moment, and she is very upset saying goodbye. He was definitely shocked and thought maybe it was partially from her talk with Brandon.

So we are shockingly going into a 1 v 1 finale. Brandon, who is completely in love with her, reading and emotionally available – and Nayte who she clearly likes more than he likes her but he is starting to get there but she had always picked guys in the past that she likes more than they like her. Will she repeat her old pattern and they end up working out, Will she pick Brandon who although not on my team is the best pick for her, or what my hubby thinks may happen -will Joe come back (probably not).

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