The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 8

Always the pointless episode…the Men tell all.

Clayton is the next Bachelor.

They have a recap of the season.

Will vs Peter – Will saying he’s a narcissist. He still stands by it. Peter says he’s confused and perplexed that it came out of nowhere (writing on the board). Casey finds him annoying too and that Peter says catch phrases. Peter says he’s just trying to provide for his family and sister. Will says peters sister has been in his DMs. Peter says Will is messing with his business writing bad reviews. Will gets served papers (is this real) for defamation of character and Will says “rest in pizza.” My opinion is don’t come after his business. He may suck but don’t stoop to his level coming after his business and talking about his sister. That was really a bummer.

Ryan – the notes guy. A friend wrote the notes. They mention he was on Bachelor Live.

Martin. Olu didn’t like him he felt he was two-faced and he wasn’t buying it. Romeo says he was mysoginistic, called women “females”, and something else. He said he lied at the end. Will says Martin had a girlfriend on the show. Martin said he never got to explain to Michelle how he felt that’s why he was done. And he says he never had a girlfriend while on the show he just dated her before and now.

Chris S says he didn’t mean to come off that strong and his intentions were genuine. Rick says he doesn’t believe it and that he’s had better looking women bleep his bleep. Kaitlyn asks Olu his opinion. Apparently Chris said Olu has a low IQ at some point? Chris doesn’t have a response.

Jamie. He blew a kiss. No one clapped. Lots of grossed out faces. He says he liked her at first. He says the spring break comment was because he saw her with someone else. Romeo said he liked him and was disappointed seeing all of this. As a reminder, Jamie told Michelle that men were questioning her character. Rodney remembers Jamie saying whoever told her should fess up. Casey talking a bunch I don’t remember. Jamie says he was going to say something. But he clearly wasn’t. The whole conversation was a long lie again. I’m not even sure if there was any substance

Rick. The guy who dressed as a table and went further than I thought he was. Love wasn’t on the “table.” She calls him her lettuce wrap in the clip. Rick saw a future with her. They brought back the table. Underneath there’s a cake who is supposed to look like Rick and he bit it on the back of the head.

Tayshia and Zac broke up and she is very sad and she walks off to take a minute. She is still in love and it’s sad. Definitely heartbroken.

We see Rodney’s look back and it’s goofy and blindfolds and he’s defiant broken-hearted. Dan says 4/26/22 they will be together. He was all in.

They show us a part of the date we didn’t see. They carved things into butter and Olu’s was pretty bad.

They show us more of the rooms they raided.

They show Rodney do a cool trick shot. They show a guy they clearly paid to streak as the slow security guys slowly get him. So staged I hate this kinda stuff.

The guys say Clayton is great and calming. They show us his season preview. He apparently slept with two people. They seem to show us the final two.

Michelle comes out. Rodney is happy if she’s happy and wishes her nothing but the best. Rick is addressed next and he says he loves her character. Jamie said she was authentic and built people up and she would’ve been great to go through life with and a joy to get to know her. Michelle says as she watched back he wasn’t embodying what a coach does. He says what he preached was not who he was and that he’s taking no responsibility. He now apologizes and blames it on venting and not wanting to be there. He says he didn’t want to talk badly about anyone. She says to their face. Michelle says he doesn’t seem to have learn. She feels he is apologizing because he feels like he has too. She says it’s very clear why this didn’t work out. He apologizes for it and says he was in the wrong. She thanks him.

PJ says thank you for saying what it was like growing up and she will be a role model. Martin apologizes for what he said in the limo home. He says it helped him find his soul mate. She says lift women up. He apologizes again. Chris apologizes for doing his announcement he wasn’t trying to take her voice. She thanks Olu for always having her back and she feels she sent him home too early. He thanks her for helping him learn how to be vulnerable.

It’s time for what they call bloopers. That would imply a scripted show. It’s just real life moments right.

It’s down to Brandon, Nayte and Joe.

Peter brings in his pizza for everyone and says slice a petit a few times. Will says this one was better than the one he tried last time. And they shake hands. Maybe he won’t get sued and that can be buried.

The season finale is 3 hours. It’s going from “brows to foes”. Brandon says she’s my woman she’s my wife and Nayte says not yet. Nayte meets her mom and she doesn’t think he’s ready. Brandon wants to talk before a rose ceremony.

Everyone hugs after the filming ends and Rodney and Michelle do their handshake. Olu and Tayshia hug and I would love that as a match.

I think Chris Harrison asked better questions even though I love Tayshia and Kaitlyn. I think they keep adding staged actors and cheesy things that are just stupid. I think they are trying to recreate when the girl brought in Mac and cheese from her nanny having some sad cold pizza.

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