The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 7

First Date: Brandon

Brandon takes her skateboarding (he used to go with his brother) but he got nervous. We meet his mom, dad and brother. His brother delayed going into the Navy to support his brother. Brandon reminds us that he came there in a bed which is why I didn’t think he would get this far. They all talk about feelings and it’s mostly the “it’s real” “she’s my person” type of conversations. Most notably, Michelle tells him she’s falling for him

Second Date: Rodney

They go to an apple orchard for an apple called the First Kiss that originated in Minnesota.

We meet his mom and stepdad. His mom says they are best friends. Michelle says that she likes how much they play and laugh together. His mom is worried he will get hurt. All pretty standard hometown date conversation.

Third Date: Joe

Joe takes her to his high school and they kissed outside of the library. Then, they have their own private prom. She was very excited as she was picked last for prom. He also never went to prom.

We meet his mom, dad, brother, and sister in law. Joe says he would be ready to propose. Michelle says when she was homesick he was a little slice of home.

Fourth Date: Nayte

They go paddle boarding and drink champagne. She meets his stepdad and mom who have divorced, but they are still coming together to meet Michelle. His family doesn’t talk about deep stuff a lot, and they call him Nathaniel. He says he’s not ready for proposal but he is getting there. His mom is concerned he is just feeling like this in the bubble of the Bachelor world. He says he is crazy about her, but he is slow to say emotions. This is the first time he and his stepdad say I love you to each other. Nayte is excited about that, but Michelle is nervous about him not being ready to propose.

Bri and Serena P come in for a visit to to discuss where Michelle is feeling and she doesn’t have clarity.

The roses go to Brandon, Nayte, and Joe. Rodney goes home. She walks him out and she says she knows he’s an underdog but her connections with the other guys are stronger.

It is 2 v 1 in our battle.

We also officially saw the announcement of Clayton as the Bachelor. Rumor has it Andrew turned down the role, but I would’ve definitely enjoyed Rodney or any of our final 3 that don’t get chosen by Michelle. I also really enjoyed Olu. Clayton just seemed boring. I think he is a wonderful man who clearly wants kids and a family, so I think he is serious, which we haven’t had in the past few Bachelor choices, so that may be refreshing. Peter was a dumpster fire.

Also, a little update for everyone, Katie Thurston is now with John who she eliminated second week and we actually forgot about him in our draft. He was labeled in the hat picks as “guy we forgot” he was on the screen so little. Very strange.

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