The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 6

It’s down to 8 guys. They are all realizing how real it is. Michelle is hanging with some students. The kids are planning the dates.

Martin says drunk people and children are the most honest. Nayte does a handstand. The kids like almost everyone but the blonde girl doesn’t like Martin. A kid asked if Rodney shaves his nipples and he does. And they made a secret handshake. Clayton makes a fort and the kids grill him. The boy says he would be good at carrying groceries.

The kids pick Clayton to go on the date. There’s pizza gummy bears and candy in a limo. They go to a night at a museum. They are playing with each other. They ask each other questions while catching fake butterflies. Then they go to a planetarium and kiss.

The next date card is

Rick Rodney Nayte Joe Martin and olu. Brandon gets the next one on one.

Clayton and Michelle talk and they are talking about how he used to care about what other people think.Michelle sends Clayton home because something is not there even though he has a lot of the boxes. She has other connections.

After he leaves the kids give him letters and they talk about how he will meet someone else and be a great dad. He gets emotional.

The group date is a farm date. They milk cows, churn butter, play with calf’s. Joe is winning at this. Rodney is being funny. Then it’s poop time. Nayte hurt his back lifting the Nayte. Michelle comes in and helps Rodney. They have a nighttime hayride. Then it’s the night portion. Next week is hometowns this is the last grou date.

Nayte talks to Michelle first. His dad said don’t bring anyone home. She is the first time he’s wanted to. He’s falling for her, she says she feels strongly for him and tumbling fast. They kiss.

Joe next and she likes that he was nurturing. His grandparents owned a farm. He likes family traditions. They kiss.

She likes who Rick is. Rodney wants her to see who he is, where he’s from, and what he’s about. Martin says he’s questioning what she stands for, he thinks she hasn’t worked through her trauma and he finds this immature. He’s talking to her and feels he’s brutally honest. He says there was a misunderstanding last time.

Olu wants to be honest about his concerns with Martin. He tells her the trauma immature comment he just said. You can tells he and she have tears.

Michelle picks the rose up and pulls Martin. He lies and says he didn’t say that. He says you’re letting someone else dictate. He cuts her off while she is talking. He apologizes for maybe doing that. She says she doesn’t trust him and sends him home. He sucks. He wouldn’t care to give her a shot.

She gives the rose to Nayte and is excited to meet his family. As she leaves she thanks olu for having her back.

Brandon one on one. She drives them to ice cream. They kiss. She shows him her childhood home. They hang out in her old bedroom. He feels like the boyfriend that snuck over in the jacuzzi haha. Her parents still live there and they show up. Look at this fake drama. This is so cheesy. They talk about family and their relationship and kids. He wants to talk to them alone. He asks for their blessing. They said yes. Her mom says to her dad that she looks so happy. My hubby thinks her mom liked him more than her dad.

We then have the dinner portion. He says at his hometown she would meet his mom, dad, and his brother. He wished she could meet his grandpa his best friend, but he passed. He gives her a bracelet because he feels she is the one. He is falling for her. They kiss a while bunch. She gives him the rose.

It’s rose ceremony. The cocktail party is cancelled. She gives a speech about the gravity of hometowns and how much she likes them all.

Nayte and Brandon have roses

The roses go to



Rick and Olu get sent home it is 3-1 and my hubby is winning.

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