The Bachelorette Season 18 Episode 5

Off to Minneapolis. Michelle loves living here. She loves here family and all of these life there. She sits with her parents and says there are 11 guys left. She’s there are a few she sees that can choose her everyday and that they are mature.

The first one on one starts immediately with Joe. Joe is excited. We then see the guys. They are bummed especially Brandon.

Michelle throws first pitch they kiss. We see Clayton is bummed it wasn’t him. We see Michelle’s 9th grade locker. They play some basketball together. She says he reminds her of her dad and brother in that he’s reserved. He is trying to trust more.

They cut to the guys again and we now hear Chris s and olu want one on one dates. They talk about Nayte getting a target last week from Chris S that nayte thinks he has it in the bag.

Casey Rodney Martin Leroy Rick Clayton olu Chris Brandon group date. Chris s is annoyed because he feels like Michelle didn’t reward him for his Nayte accusation.

Night portion. She loves that he’s from Minnesota again. He had broken bones in his leg in high school and college. The doctor messed up his surgery and put a too big screw in his foot and then he had another surgery to fix that and his performance wasn’t the same. He struggled with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and self identity after basketball was gone. Michelle relates also being an athlete saying you got taken out of it before you were ready. She of course gives him a rose. He says his favorite quote is the best things in life are on the other side of fear. This is his to lose. Fuck. Not good for my game but loving them together.

They go to Vikings stadium and they are all excited for football but they have guys that are dressed up as vikings to do strength type tests. Chris is upset that he didn’t get the one on one and that Nayte got it. Then they dress up as Vikings too.

They have strange foods for them to try. Chris doesn’t want to eat it then he doesn’t want to arm wrestle and Michelle said no. Clayton wins ultimate Viking. Chris says it hasn’t been a fun date.

Michelle and Clayton talk first. Their conversation is nice and sweet. He’s trying to make more of an effort. Brandon comes in next and she says she has a surprise for him. He waits while she gets it. She gives him Swedish fish candy.

They are all talking and they ask Chris if he feels he stepped up. Olu mentions he wants time with her since Chris cut it short last time. Chris is annoyed he didn’t get the one on one. He’s talking to Martin. In the meantime, Nayte gets his date card.

We see Martin, Rodney, Leroy and Rick talk to her. Chris still won’t approach her he’s waiting for her. Michelle comes in and asks where chris is and then he comes in. She wraps it up and she gives Clayton the rose.

Chris is annoyed that he was obviously quiet and she didn’t check on him.

Nayte is excited for their date. It’s on a boat. She loves doing water sports in the summers. She says this is going to be a group date. He’s meeting two of her best friends. They ask if he thinks anyone is there for the wrong reasons. He says he trusts her judgement she sniffs people out. He says why Chris said the in the bag comment. He said the matter of when comment because he felt their connection. They all get along well.

Chris is talking Martin about how he feels annoyed that she ignored his advice about Nayte.

Back to Michelle and Nayte. He wants to make sure his relationships are balanced in where there is fun and seriousness. Michelle feels like she was putting in more effort than her ex of 3 years. He didn’t help her while she was sick. She was trying to find out what was wrong. It was the relationship. She moved back in with her parents during all that. She wants the effort reciprocated. Michelle says this was one of her favorite dates ever.

Chris shows up during their date and says he needs to speak with her it’s important…he says he feels played and that what he said fell on deaf ears and that I warned you and I don’t want you to make the wrong decision. Nayte is annoyed chris is taking his time. Chris says she’s being fake. Michelle says he feels like he wanted to be anywhere but there and that she can speak for herself. She wants a man to support her and not speak for her. She doesn’t see this relationship progressing and she walks him out.

Nayte says you don’t have to apologize whatever was said between you was said between you. She says this is unlike anything she’s ever felt before. She likes that he trusts her.

Rose ceremony. We see her walk with Rick. He says he would move here. Brandon’s birthday is today. Rodney and Michelle scream that they love Minnesota.

Martin is comparing what she says to other people compared to him. He is talking about how some girls are high maintenance and that expecting a man to do everything for them. She made a look where you can tell she’s done with him. Olu doesn’t like Martin.

The roses are

  • Joe, Clayton, Nayte
  • Rick
  • Olu
  • Brandon
  • Martin
  • Rodney

Leroy and Casey are sent home.

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