The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 4

Casey and Joe and Romeo I think discuss Jamie. Then Michelle and kaitlyn discuss the disappointment of Jamie and that she likes some of the guys.

Tayshia announces there will be a group date and two one on one dates. The date card is for Martin. They show up to a race track she says phrases like “ride or die” and “right track”. They go to a hot tub and drink champagne. Martin is being a dumbass and defending Jamie as a good guy and not a rat. He even knows then he’s gone and better chance for him. She then feels like he isn’t trusting her judgment. At the night date, she further questions him. His dad was a bad communicator and he has followed suit. She also has struggled with communication

Will, Chris S, Casey, Chris G, Leroy, Rodney, Olu, Brandon, Clayton. Joe. Romeo, and Nayte go on a group date. Rick gets a one on one. Nayte says he’s going to get one eventually.

She gives Martin a rose because he listened and applied the lesson basically. The bar is so low. They go to a planetarium.

They are all going to wear pjs that were given to them. It’s a slumber party! Tons of snacks, twister, cotton candy. None of them are talking to Michelle. She has to pull them. What is that? Do all of them want fame and not her? She’s gorgeous and amazing. They are all just chilling with each other while she is by herself. She is still upset going into the next portion of the date, a teddy bear fight with twin wwe fighters. Chris S is ready to take someone down. Michelle is sitting with Tayshia and Kaitlyn and is visibly upset. Guys all talking smack

Joe v Clayton first – Clayton wins

Rodney v Leroy – Leroy

Nayte v will – will

Chris s v Casey – Casey

Romeo v Chris g – Chris g

Brandon c olumide – olu

Losing team goes home. Not one of them came over to her they are all just celebrating together or left. They could at least say bye…she is so valid in how she’s feeling.

Kaitlyn and Michelle are talking about why she’s upset outside. She talks about how in her poem she was overlooked and felt like the token black girl and not seen. Then the guys are all hanging out and chilling. They are happy they get along. Someone I think Leroy asked how she’s feeling. Michelle says she doesn’t want to change the energy but wants to be transparent. She explains how in her poem she was the only person of color and not asked out on date. She doesn’t feel that the guys are reciprocating feelings. She fears committing to someone who doesn’t see her. And she pulls Nayte.

Olumide is crying and telling the other guys about the poem and how she felt.

Michelle talks to Nayte and he says his actions aren’t showing it but you deserve to be seen.

Romeo shares with the guys that we were so focused on the competition and not her. Clayton talks to her next. Olumide is reminded of his sisters and what they went through. Their conversation was really nice and acknowledged her needs. She thanks the group and decides to give the rose to Olu.

The next day we see Rick getting ready for his date. They are in some sort of lift 8,500 feet in the air. They walk around the woods. There’s a wish box and they are supposed to read the wishes. She wants a relationship like her parents. They talk about how Rick lost his dad a few years ago. At the dinner portion they cheers to normal and what could be. His dad was his coach growing up. His dad cheated on his mom and he saw a text from the cheating and told his mom what he saw. He blamed himself for a while even though it was his dads actions. She’s gives him the rose. They have Andy grammar playing his new song lease on life. Oh I actually like it but I hate these awkward individual concerts.

Next we have the cocktail party and Chris S addresses everyone including Michelle about how he wasn’t at the second half but Michelle told the guys she didn’t feel seen yet he thinks guys are acting like they have it in the bag. Then Michelle says yes she does want to feel seen and no one had it in the bag. They cheers then Brandon asks if he can heave her first and Chris S says I was going to take her first if you don’t mind. Michelle says she will go with Chris first for a minute then will go to Brandon.

Clayton thought we should’ve waited for Michelle to announce that.

Chris says he put in effort and others didn’t. He says Nayte said he knows he will get a one on one date card it’s just a matter of when. The guys talk to Chris S. Nayte talks to Michelle and it doesn’t go well. Nayte pulls Chris S. They argue. Chris is saying in his interview that he’s saving her. Nayte calls him a dweeb a bunch.

Joe Colman brought snacks and she somehow hasn’t eaten m and m’s before. He brought a blanket. Rodney talks next. Brandon next. He makes her feel special.

Olu asks Chris S if he thinks he’s getting a rose tonight. And Chris is defensive and weird saying stuff like why do u think I’m NOT getting a rose. It’s a weird vibe. He wants to wink at Olu after getting it.

The rose ceremony:

(Martin, Olu, Rick)

• Brandon

• Leroy

• Joe

• Rodney

• Clayton

• Casey

• Nayte

• Chris S

Will, Chris G, and Romeo are eliminated.

They announce they are going to Minnesota.

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