The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 3

Michelle is wondering who doesn’t trust her from Jamie’s comment (hint it’s Jamie). Casey talks to Rodney about who said something to Jamie. Jamie is already bragging to the guys about their connection.

Martin, LT, Olu, Spencer, Clayton, Nayte, Joe, Rick, Will, Peter = first group date (fly into the danger zone date) They are redoing Top Gun with Top Gun Maverick

Peter loves the volleyball scene…okay. They do a slowmo guys walk.

They give each other nicknames (call sign). Then we have a push up contest, and then they do high knees.

Martin aka Frosty checks in on her to see how she is doing compared to yesterday. She appreciated that he said “you got this” during the rose ceremony.

Gforce simulator – talk to Michelle during it.

Rick is Tabletop. Will is nervous about getting motion sickness. Peter talks in Italian. They zoom through a lot of them, but Will (Lil Willy)talks in Spanish, and Peter (Dough Boy) is annoyed and feels like he’s copying him.

We finally hear from Clayton when fights Nayte. Then Spencer v Martin. LT v Rick. Joe V Olumide. Will v Peter.

Will wins the day and he gets a Top Gun jacket, and they mention the bilingual bit so Peter thinks he has it. There was a car moment with Will and Michelle.

Clayton decided he wants to step it up, show her she can trust him, and he pulls her first. Clayton is much more comfortable with her this time. They spin around.

Nayte and Michelle look adorable together. Joe checks in on her. She likes that he isn’t the loudest guy in the room. She kisses them both.

Will and Peter are fighting. Will calls him a pizza boy. Changing loves once slice at a time. Peter calls Will a bully. Will says the big dog has the jacket. Most of the guys leave while they argue. Nayte gives this look of I wish I wasn’t there haha.

There’s a knock on the door and it’s a one on one date for Rodney.

Martin says to Michelle it’s important to check on her not necessarily to talk but to listen.

Peter tried on the top gun jacket and decides to rock it for a bit. Peter says will came at him. He says he wants to put him in his place by putting it in the pool. Nayte is disappointed in Peter. Will learns about Peter with the jacket. Nayte says to Will just relax and be the bigger man. Will is crying because he earned the jacket and feels disrespected. Clayton says why. Peter says are you dating me or Michelle and to stay out of it or Clayton to tell Michelle. No one tells Michelle. Will pulls the jacket out of the pool

Michelle gives the rose to Martin. Martin and Michelle dance to violins. Michelle is happy there wasn’t drama.

Rodney is excited for their one on one. They are playing truth or dare. Rodney feeds Michelle while she is blindfolded. Then they are handcuffed together and have to look for keys in present boxes. Rodney has to strip while Michelle tells this is our journey. Everyone is watching lol.

Next is the truth part. He fears dying before being a husband and father. Michelle fears being complacent. They kiss.

James, Leroy, Chris g, Casey, mollique Chris s brandon, and Romeo. Jamie feeling confident he will win.

She likes that Rodney is playful. Raised by a single mom and with younger brother

Dad left when he was 6.

He asks about past relationships what went wrong. When she was in a relationship someone called her n word. Her ex’s response said that gives the woman power. Felt she had to justify her emotions. Rodney says that’s why you don’t want to settle (look at that listening). Apple-lutely accepts the rose.

Jamie is still saying that these guys should be nervous. Chris G actually knows Rudy Francisco the spoken word poet and is pumped. Don’t drink for every time they say vulnerable. It’s poem writing time.

Brandon (b money someone says) reads to her. Very nice poem. romeos poem is basically his name. Chris g’s was nice. Jamie “loses his book”. He shares a story about a girl lost in the woods and guardian angel. Michelle gets really vulnerable in hers about her struggles with race and growing up in school and dating.

Night portion. Brandon shares he has a similar story of token black kid. He’s growing on me I hate to admit it. But they have a deep conversation.

Jamie says he felt the same. He’s really smug I’m annoyed I picked him and not Brandon. Brandon got the rose. Jamie is talking to a producer about how he is above all of these guys. He says how was the nationwide search this was what you got? Oh he sucks! Very smug.

Rose Ceremony

They bring up Michelle’s character being brought into question last rose ceremony. Casey wants to expose the rat. Jamie wants to work on his momentum. Michelle is looking fine in her sparkly dress. Nayte hangs with her first. He wants to run away with her. She’s taking her shoes off. And they are running together! Does mommy win?! No they just kiss.

Rick says no one was questioning your character. Michelle admits it was Jamie who told her. Rick tells Casey and Nayte they are shocked. Nayte wants to ask Jamie to get his side. Jamie is tripping on his words. Jamie is mentions episodes and viewers. Nayte asks why is he talking about viewers and episodes and if he’s threatened by Joe. He’s avoiding questions. Will mentions how Michelle opened the floor and you stayed quiet.

Whole group is addressed by Michelle and Jamie speaks. Michelle says well you said your friend said she was with a light skinned dude and that there was speculation in the house. Michelle said you made this a thing it wasn’t. Michelle then pulls Jamie because that’s what she intended to do. She feels their trust was broken. She is sending him home and mommy loses her second pick. She is upset with only Jamie. The guys were annoyed he didn’t own up to it when she said to last week. Michelle says no one will tear me down because I built myself up and I want my soul mate.

Roses are

  • Martin, Rodney, Brandon
  • Joe
  • Rick
  • Leroy
  • Nayte
  • Casey
  • Chris G
  • Chris S
  • Clayton
  • Olu
  • Romeo
  • Will

Jamie, Spencer, Peter, Mollique, and LT go home.

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