The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 2

Michelle episode 2

Michelle is excited

Group date with Romeo, Peter, Brandon, Daniel, Rick, Will, Casey, LT, Olumide, PJ.

Brandon hugs her first. It’s a school themed date with three kid actors in fifth grade

Peter wants tons of attention. Will calls him a narcissist day one. Sure he’s annoying but don’t start drama.

Night portion and my husband thought that this is the pool jacket date. (It isn’t.)

Brandon is first and they have chemistry but I think he’s too young. Will and Peter talk, bro. It’s heated already.

We then see that Jamie gets a one on one date. Someone to be her rock is the date card. He says this will be good to see if I want to be with her too.

Rick and Michelle kiss. Michelle pulls Peter to find out more about the confrontation. She gives Brandon the group date rose.

Now it’s Jamie’s one on one. He mentions again he only wants to stay if there’s a connection. They rock climb up to have a picnic. Night portion. His parents never got married. His mom struggled with mental health and their finances. Him and Tela (sister?) alternated watching her. He went back to school to try to graduate. His mom committed suicide when he was 24. Heartbreaking. She gives him a rose. Private concert with Caroline Jones.

Joes basketball coach passed away. Next group date is basketball. Joe was mr basketball Minnesota 2011 and she was runner up for miss 2011 Minnesota. Joes team is losing 25-8. Joes team lost by 1. The blue team gets to stay. Michelle chose Joe as the MVP of the day so he gets to come to the date. He talks to her first. They talk about his coach passing. He is still trying to be perfect with her. She says stop. You don’t need to have game face. They are kissing. She mentions basketball and Minnesota. Martin is nervous about Joe. Nayte is not nervous and is staying focused.

Nayte is just talking about how he’s bad a basketball, looks and then kissing. She gives Joe the group date rose.

Cocktail party. Martin is nervous about Joe.

Rodney is blindly tasting apples and pizza. And then kisses. Jamie is now annoyed that Joe and Michelle might know each other. Jamie claims his friend told him Michelle and “a light skinned baller” are already together. He tells that to Martin. He tells Michelle that a lot of rumors are going around that have taken a life of its own. He tells her that story he told Martin.

Michelle is on a balcony crying and Tayshia comes out. She explains what happened. She’s upset that her character is being questioned. Michelle addresses these rumors to the group. Opening it for questions, no one talks. She leaves then the guys are confused at who did this. Jamie is lying to everyone as the guys talk amongst themselves.

Rose ceremony

Michelle wants to put her walls back up. She says accepting a rose means trusting her

Brandon J, Joe, Jamie already have roses.

• Nayte

• Rodney

• Martin

• Rick

• Leroy

• Spencer

• Casey

• Chris G

• Mollique

• Olu

• Chris S

• Will

• Romeo

• LT

• Clayton

• Peter

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