The Bachelorette Season 18, Episode 1

They do a preview of the season. Then, we get a little intro of Michelle with some of her students, and we learn about her family and her sweet parents and their great relationship.  Her dad is very calm, sure of himself, soft spoken. 

Michelle is chatting with Kaitlyn and Tayshia. They do the typical I’m the bachelorette I wanna fall in love shouting.

Intro packages:

  • Chris S. – south, volleyball, goofy, beach, wax eyebrows, likes basketball, helping people, likes that michelle keeps her heart on her shoulder
  • Joe Colman – property developer, played basketball, 
  • Clayton – cornhole. Close with brothers, football division 1 athlete, 
  • Brandon j. – does basketball, another sport. Raised his brother (parents worked), turtleneck chain
  • Nayte – dog and road trip
  • Chris G – Halifax, non profit with kids
  • Most of these people do sports and their moms a teacher
  • Spencer – inspire youth and next generation 

Tayshia and Kaitlyn pull a MTV “Room Raiders” and go through the guys’ rooms. 

Ryan intro – driving tractors and fields, with a dog. Looks a lil like Jared engaged to Ashley I. He is the guy that has the notes from the preview package! He says how to act and who to act like.  It’s multiple books typed out! 

We see Michelle looking in a mirror getting ready, and it’s time to “bring on the men.” We see the limos pull up and Michelle steps out. They share that the guys are excited and that they met some of them.  

First out of the limo is Nayte. She is very interested and flirty.  He said, “It’s better Nayte than never.” She likes Nayte. 

We meet Romeo who speaks French to her saying he hopes she will be her Juliet and for it not to end in tragedy. She thumbs up. 

Jack Russell next.  She seems less into him and he compares himself to a Jack Russell. 

Then we have Clayton who comes in with a ruler for her to use on him because he sometimes isn’t on his best behavior. He said he was very nervous.

Music changes for Jamie next. They are very touchy, and I like their energy together.   

Chris G says she’s a rose in a field of daisies. 

Mollique next says he hopes she’s his person. 

Alec next.

Will speaks spanish saying he wants to spend more time. 

Pardeep talking about dopamine

Olu hopes he can be her number 1 pick. 

School bus next with Chris S. He has shorts and a backpack.  He says he might give her a “d” (diamond, dessert, detention jokes). This seems like a huge turnoff for her.

Garrett broke his foot. His family told him to “break a leg” and he actually did. Aw.

Casey plays slaps with her. 

Brandon K gives her a necklace saying she has to earn it with her.. Motions at boobs… she did not play along. Then he says her heart

Then we get a speedo tux guy… I missed his name. It’s LT. ..I looked it up.

A dinner table comes up, and a guy is inside named Rick. He wants to talk about the special. He says enjoy your appetizers but when you are ready for the main course come find me. She laughed.  

We then have an ice cream truck. “Did someone order a double scoop of love?”  It’s Ryan the playbook guy. She said oh you did your homework.  Bleh.

We have “one juicy apple right there.” We have Rodney. She is very into him and he wants to be the apple of her eye.  

We got some Italian yelling. His name is Peter. Don’t like him for some reason. 

Then we have a guy on a firetruck for a baby and she is into it. His name is Daniel. They are joking about the little truck. 

Then there’s a big real fire truck (drama by producers). She even says I wonder what Daniels is feeling like right now. We met PJ. She even mentions there’s another fire truck inside.

Brandon J comes in on a bed. She gets in the bed! I think he is mid pack.  

Double basketball from Spencer, Bryan dances, JoMarri strips his suit sleeves, Edward has sound bowls, and Leroy does a selfie. Martin is flipping crazy about her (he does a flip)

Then Joe Colman and the music stops! They are both from Minnesota and she gives him sex eyes.  He says “can’t wait to go back home with you.” She wonders if she’s met him before. She has slid into his DMs.  They messaged once and he ghosted her.  

Nayte has pigeons in his stomach instead of butterflies.  

When is Kaitlyn and Tayshia going to mention the dirtbag, Ryan? Maybe they want her to toast first or maybe to meet everyone first and enjoy the night and then they tell her.  That’s probably best.  She makes a sweet toast about love and her family and their nice relationship. Stay open and vulnerable. 

I forgot who pulled her first. It’s a lot of names, sorry. I think it was Jamie, but the conversation was so short I don’t even remember.

Now Peter made cannoli’s. Oh so he makes pizza and cannoli’s.  She doesn’t know what a cannoli is somehow, which is upsetting to me being Italian. His segment feels assisted by producers. No way this guy makes cannoli’s and pizza.

Michelle pulls Joe! AND! She calls him out for ghosting her. He mentions one of the places he was working on there were shootings nearby. She said just communicate with me, even to say I am not looking right now. He says he’s been working on it in therapy.  She says she has to think about it.  

Then someone does poetry and we don’t see his name.  

Then, Rick comes in with the table. She feeds him a strawberry and he leaves the table awkwardly. He says he wants to have fun along the way.  I don’t know if he is serious enough, but he does say he wants to get engaged and have a family. 

Rodney is the apple guy. She mentions he shouldn’t have said Granny smith because he is a red apple.

Ryan talks in an ITM (in the moment) and he is definitely planning and scheming. She is into him because of the food.  He mentions that he coaches for the Special Olympics, so it’s a true shame that he has those books.  Sounds like if he didn’t bring them he would be a contender.

Michelle and Tayshia come in and interrupt Leroy, the selfie guy. They tell her privately about Ryan’s books.  Ryan says he’s happy about his time with Michelle with the guys.  Michelle comes back in and pulls Ryan.  

We learn he had notes (with Bachelorette spelled inccorectly) on how to not be a villain, how to get screen time, how to act interested in teaching. Michelle wants an explanation  He says these were  notes from his friend’s wife. She goes upstairs to look at them with him. There are charts and graphs about his ideal person.  He says prior to this he watched two hours of Bachelor/Bachelorette, yet he says he took notes on different things about her while watching. The friend’s notes say he comes off mean and demanding and to be mindful of that. 

She says this is so many red flags and sends him out. He asks if he can change her mind. She says no, these are red flags, please respect that.  


Michelle comes back to address the men. She says she wants someone authentic. Nayte pulls her for a walk and he reminds me of her dad. He says he doesn’t want to go into his family but she wants him to. So he does. His mom is going through her second divorce. He wants to be affectionate with his wife. He didn’t see that growing up. 

Kaitlyn brings in the first impression rose. 

Brandon J describes himself as fun, truthful, caring. He looks young compared to these other guys. 

Michelle gives Nayte the first impression rose. They kiss. She liked that he normally isn’t vulnerable and he was for her.  Hand in hand walking back. 

It’s daylight. They look tired. 

The guys that get roses are

  • (Nayte)
  • Jamie
  • Leroy
  • Martin
  • Spencer
  • Rick
  • Clayton
  • Peter
  • Pj
  • Mollique
  • Romeo
  • Daniel
  • Brandon J
  • Will
  • Chris S
  • Rodney
  • Alec 
  • Pardeep
  • Chris G
  • Casey
  • Olu
  • LT
  • Joe

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