Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Week 7, Episode 11 (Finale)

Abigail and Noah talk and she wanted to tell him she was falling in love too but she feels blindsided and doesn’t get why he broke up with her if he was falling in love yesterday. Noah is leaving with no regrets and feeling like he tried. He didn’t even say bye to everyone.

They only showed them cuddle, never boom boom room or serious conversations, so I’m not entirely surprised but I did like them together.

Abigail returns to the party and goes off crying with some of the girls. Abigail feels like he knew this the whole time. Serena seems more sad than Abigail, but maybe she’s in shock.

They show everyone looking sad and contemplative and they are saying Noah and Abigail leaving makes them think about if they should leave together, engaged, or break up.

The men have the roses for the rose ceremony.

Wells comes up with a shirt with one extra button unbuttoned. Natasha, Serena and Mari talk about how it is time to get serious and have conversations. Wells cancels the cocktail party and says you guys should have had the conversations you needed to have.

The roses are:

  • Joe to Serena
  • Riley to Maurissa
  • Kenny to Mari
  • Thomas to Becca
  • James to Anna
  • Aaron to Tia
  • Ed to Mykenna

The women that leave are Natasha and Chelsea.

wells announces that dean and caelynn are there. It’s over. no mre new arrivals and date cards, they will have overnights and fantasy suites.

Kenny pulls Mari first. His concern is that she’s 25 and may want to experience being single in her 20s and 30s. He wants to know she’s ready. She wants to get married young. she would say yes to a proposal.

Becca and Thomas next. Becca is worried it’s too good to be true. Becca think they should go home Thomas says why is it too happy? He seems crushed. They hug. She wanted to see this emotional side of him that he showed in their goodbye.

Next is Ed. Ed is trying to get to fantasy suites with Mykenna. Mykenna feels like they haven’t had that time and it’s not strong enough. He says he feels a strong spark. He wants to give it a shot. She wants to end it. Ed is fighting for her. Mykenna wants to leave without him. he says boys I got dumped.

James and Anna next. She would like to see where this can go. He says he doesn’t think he can get there. Anna is really upset. James comes up to tell Aaron he is leaving and to come with him. Aaron quickly breaks up with Tia.

Aaron and James leave together. they say they find love with each other.

Maurissa and Riley next. He tries to mess with her but they say they want to go to fantasy suites.

Joe and Serena are next. They both really like each other. She says I love you. And he wanted to say that later. They are so cute. So annoyed I don’t have both of them.

Dean and Caelynn say ask the tough questions like where you will live, etc.

They overlap the beginning of the dates. Serena us scared of losing Joe. Joe felt like he panicked in the beginning mainly because he felt he could fall in love with her.

Kenny felt like he’d never get married. He keeps asking if she’s ready because she hasn’t done as much as him. Kenny says he loves her and Mari says it back. He doesn’t say I love you to people.

Maurissa feels like Riley is her person. Riley talks about his vision of a Sunday morning with a family. He says he loves her.

3 fantasy suite make outs. Riley and Maurissa found whipped cream. Kenny with a plate of tacos and a black box. Joe kicks out the cameras and then everyone else does.

Joe and Serena’s clothes looked neatly placed on the floor. They look cool and comfortable. Seems like he’s gonna propose and I did a good block. They seem really happy and comfortable. Joe feels confident.

Kenny and Mari saying I love you. Mari says she feels nervous because she’s never done this before. Kenny says he might get cold feet.

Maurissa and Riley look happy, especially Maurissa. She says she wants an engagement. Riley’s face is a little harder to read. Riley feels unsure about a proposal.

Mari and Kenny first and they are looking fiiine. Aw Dean and Caelynn hosting this again. They look sweet and a lil awkward doing this. Kenny proposes and she says yes.

Maurissa and Riley next. She is nervous. They both say they love each other. Riley proposes and she says yes.

Joe feels like Serena is the one and he is ready to get engaged. Kendall shows up. Rude. Kendall thought it would be a closure talk then they would both find love. But she still loves him. He says it wasn’t because they didn’t love each other. Then she leaves we don’t really see the end of that conversation but she leaves. Joe leaves for a bit to collect himself. Serena comes down. Another proposal. Very sweet.

Wow Noah and Abigail are still dating. Aaron and James roomies and I knew about Thomas and Becca.

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