Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Week 7, Episode 10

Noah explains what’s going on- Ivan made out with Chelsea and they were holding hands. Aaron is annoyed he went behind his back. Ivan says stop attacking other people. Ivan gets REALLY CLOSE to Aaron

Aaron feels like Ivan is rose hunting. He said if there is a late arrival he will pursue and he told Aaron he wouldn’t go after anyone already here. So of course Aaron is annoyed. Ivan lies to other people and says Chelsea asked him. So people are siding with Ivan. Aaron and James talk about how Aaron is annoyed. Then everyone doesn’t get Aaron reacting how he is and are agreeing with Ivan. Ivan keeps calling Aaron a kid and talks really fast. He accuses Aaron to other people that he’s not on his level. Ivan says in an ITM that Aaron doesn’t have a connection here. That’s a projection and how he actually feels. It’s very interesting. People are so weird. He’s talking so quickly.

Natasha thinks Aaron is overreacting.

Aaron feels like it got too heated and wanted to apologize. And says the only thing that annoys him is that he said the only hope is a new arrival.

Ivan lies to Aaron saying Chelsea wanted to talk to him but Ivan asked Chelsea to talk. They even showed us a flashback. (The receipts!) Ivan told Aaron and James his only hope was a new person coming down. And that he was just chillin. They then show him pull Chelsea.

People all rally around Ivan and Aaron was clearly in the right. Ivan says just stop. Riley gets heated and says Ivan says the connection happened because Chelsea pulled him stop saying Ivan isn’t genuine he said Chelsea pulled him so move on. James and Aaron talk about how much that escalated and surprised by Chelsea pulling Ivan. Aaron contemplates leaving. James says let Chelsea decide.

Chelsea couldn’t be found anywhere and now she’s back. Chelsea comes down and sets the record straight to Natasha and Maurissa. They give her a play by play about what was said. And Chelsea says that Ivan pulled her. They are surprised Ivan would lie. Now she tells Aaron Ivan pulled her and that they all ganged up on him. It cleared the air, and Aaron and Chelsea kiss.

Chelsea confronts Ivan and Ivan acts like he didn’t just say that to the group. And says Chelsea expressed interest first. Which I think he said that’s as well. But he kept saying she pulled him. So that’s a lie from Ivan. He says it’s ultimately up to her. Some of the girls chat amongst themselves and they are suspecting that Ivan is lying. They mention Aaron has been loyal to every girl he’s been with.

It’s rose ceremony time:

Everyone mentions this is unexpected.

Wells hosts the ceremony and says something happened at the hotel with Ivan. Noah was Ivan’s roommate they talked then Noah went to bed. People are trying to find out what happened.

Wells says be honest. Ivan feels lost. Last night he spent time with Alexa at the hotel. She is from peters season. He saw a producers phone and saw Alex’as number was there. Ivan says he shouldn’t have gone around the system.

Now Ivan is crying because it could be over now. Basically he was flirting with Chelsea in hopes Alexa would come down. So another person who they could try outside of this.

Ivan comes back and he announces to the group. He says all of his good relationships here have failed and that he net with Alexa last night. They talked on a balcony. He apologizes to everyone especially Chelsea. He says he wouldn’t have accepted the rise bc his heart wasn’t in it. Pompous a lil. Chelsea said the audacity!!! I agree. Ivan says he will leave. Good. Riley says he’s disappointed in him but wishes him the best. So he goes.

Wells says that was a lot. He’s shocked. Riley feels like I got involved and defended him and he disappointed him. He says you don’t go around the system.

Wells recaps 3 men will go home.

Serena to Joe

Abigail to Noah

Maurissa to Riley

Mari to Kenny

Becca to Thomas (tall drink of water)

Chelsea to Aaron

Natasha to Ed (weird Michael bay dub step)

Tia to James

Demar, Blake and dr Joe go home. Cheers to trusting the process.

People are starting to realize it isn’t a vacation and they are dating people.

Wells is the next guest host. Should’ve just been him the whole time. Wells says have the big conversations about the outside world. He will still be bartending. He says go on dates make out don’t fight.

Mari is worried that Kenny is distant. (To Serena and Abigail). Then they talk and Kenny is backing off and he feels like something is missing. He feels like something is off and as If she’s unsure and the passion is fizzled. He asks if she wants to pumps breaks. Mari in her ITM feels like blindsided and like she could be backing off because she feels it is serious. She basically is afraid she’s being too much.

Maurissa, Becca and Tia are watching Riley and Thomas work out. Maurissa is nervous she likes him more than he likes her. We then see Anna come down me she has a pheromone perfume. Wells (an engaged man) even likes how she smells. Bach Papa gets Anna. Kenny declines a date. Thomas talks to Anna. Thomas declines the date. Becca was nervous because they haven’t had a big talk. Thomas goes and kisses Becca. Anna pulls James. James is the only one that hasn’t been on a date. James accepts the date. Tia is bummed.

Abigail is talking to Wells about her fears. Wells says go be serious and say how you feel.

Anna and James start their date. It is becoming human churros. More food play people!!! Too sticky in the humidity. Tia is worried back on the beach. James and Anna wash each other. And now there are snakes on their backs. This is weird to me but whatever works I guess. Now they talk in a hot tub about their lives. They have a nice connection and they kiss.

Mykenna shows up and pulls Ed, Thomas and Aaron. Ed and Thomas decline. I missed what Aaron said during it. She asks Aaron I front of everyone. Aaron says yeah let’s chat real quick, yeah? They go talk and feels like emotionally with the ups and downs he wouldn’t be totally there for her after the emotional week he had. He didn’t want to waste her time. He said it in a nice and respectful way and did that privately instead of in front of the group.

Still, Mykenna feels rejected. A lot of people feel bad. Ed went down and said he would go on the date. Mykenna wants to just go home. He cheers her up though and they hug. They are leaving holding hands it’s sweet. Sucks for Natasha though. Because everyone is celebrating right in front of her and she likes Ed.

Since Ed wasn’t asked by mykenna and Ed asks mykenna, mykenna gets the point even though it’s her date card. They are roller blading. They then roller blade to the table. And they both seem to be having a good time and they make out.

Natasha is frustrated because she got played with Brendan and now Ed doing this she is sad.

Serena and Joe are having the serious conversation of how they can make it work. They will go back and forth. Kenny and Mari go with an energy clearing witch for their relationship. Kenny talks about that this feels like fate that we met and have this connection. Mari is really happy with how this is working. They go and cleanse each other and run each other with a candle. Let go and say why they want to be together. They pray for their relationship by the fire. Mari is loving this date ceremony. She is all in. Kenny feels like it showed that they want to be together. It seems like Mari is breaking down her walls and that they are honest with how they are feeling.

Noah says that they are close to something great and want to have more serious conversations and see how it works in the real world. They lay on a day bed together and talk about being open and vulnerable and transparent. Noah says he is falling in love with Abigail and that he feels strongly. She was pretty silent and Noah is concerned.

Mykenna is surprised Ed is 37. Which is reminding me of the age gaps. Mari is 25, Kenny is 40. We get a recap of couples. Mari is mentioning she needs to give Kenny her number. Maurissa and Riley are coupled. Aaron and Chelsea going strong. Becca and Thomas laugh together.

Noah is talking to Becca unsure of where he stands with Abigail. Noah feels confused from Abigail being quiet last night.

There’s an announcement for 80’s prom. Some people weren’t asked to prom (Abigail, Chelsea, and someone else), some didn’t go (Aaron) Joe draws prom in the sand to ask Serena. Aaron has some prom balloons on a daybed for Becca. Riley has some stuffed animals and a balloon. Kenny is naked or with underwear and has a cardboard sign asking her to prom. Tia is sad she’s single.

Chelsea is bummed Aaron didn’t ask her to prom. He’s oblivious and hanging out with James. Noah says Abigail deserves all the proms. She’s falling in live but doesn’t tell Noah.

We go to prom. Nice 80s jams. Wells spikes the punch. There will be a prom king and queen and high school superlatives. Tia feels awkward at the slow dance. Aaron pulls Tia who is dancing with Chelsea. He gives her a corsage. And they make out?! What is happening.

Chelsea is annoyed he didn’t at least have a conversation with her. Valid.

They vote for prom king and queen.



Best Kisser… of toes(Maurissa)

Most likely to live happily ever after (Noah and Abigail)

Prom king and queen – Joe and Serena

Noah and Abigail leave to talk. Noah seems like he’s going to leave. I think maybe it’s a fake drama. Noah wants to be completely honest. He says he’s having so much fun with her. He says he feels like it’s strong but like it’s something he’s trying to force something. He doesn’t know if she’s his person. He knows what she deserves and feels like she’s fun. Abigail feels blindsided. She says why did you say I’m falling for you and that you don’t say anything you don’t mean. Abigail feels like he lied. Noah feels like he was fighting a gut feeling. Abigail feels like he’s hiding from something. It was a sad breakup.

My thoughts are that they both wouldn’t commit. They were both afraid the other one would hurt them. They didn’t have deep conversations. We barely saw them every episode. Abigail not saying she was falling in love after Noah said it was super hurtful to him. Then she didn’t say it the next day. And when they got the happy ever after superlative Noah was sad because Abigail doesn’t show him that. She wouldn’t give anything because she was afraid. And he wouldn’t give anything because she held back.

Bottom line, these people suck at communicating sometimes and you need that in a relationship.

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