Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Week 6, Episode 9

Starts off with Noah narrating and talking about how Kendall is hurt seeing joes date with Serena. Kendall talks to wells about her struggles and then she pulls Joe.

She talks about how it’s hard for her and it’s bringing up memories for her. Joe asks if she’s over it. She says she never stopped loving him. She’s crying and they hug for a while. Kendall is very obviously having a hard time and Joe is consoling her. Joe says he came became he felt like it was over between them and thought she came on because she felt the same way. She came on to restart things with him. He says he will always care about her and they hug again. She leaves.

Ivan is sad and wishing he gave someone else a rose.

The next morning everyone is talking over breakfast about how Serena and Joe said they are falling in love with each other.

Lil Jon announces Demar and Ed are here. Demar pulls Chelsea, Ed pulls Natasha. Demar pulls Maurissa she asks how he’s been. So did they meet before? She said she was wondering when he was coming.

For dates, Ed picks Natasha. Demar picks Chelsea.

Maurissa wants Riley to talk to her more and give her more reassurance. She says this to Tia and Blake. Riley told her he was going to go have a deep conversation with Ivan but he’s just working out. Maurissa is nervous to have a conversation, afraid she will ruin it. It’s her first real relationship.

Aaron expresses his concerns about Chelsea and Demar with James. Natasha is painting Ed and Chelsea is painting Demar. They all seem to vibe.

On the beach, Joe is playing the ukulele.

Unexpectedly, Natasha and Ed are really sweet together. They kiss and she gets his red lipstick all over him.

Noah and Abigail hang out on a hammock. Kenny gets a date card and asks Mari. Who the f is into food okay this season because they are eating tacos off each other. So now Kenny is naked and she’s putting taco stuff on him. Nothing like hairy sour cream. Keep it in the tacos please. Now Mari is naked for taco dinner. And he’s pouring more on her than the tacos. Sour cream is everywhere.

James made a date for Tia. He made some cute paintings. They are talking and getting to know each other. She is from a farming community. She says she doesn’t wanna be farther than driving distance from home and he’s in ny. Tia says Blake is making her vagina tingle and James isn’t…

Back to Mari and Kenny. “Cheers to finding something I never knew I was looking for”. -Kenny. They talk about the future and engagement and how they feel. Very sweet and romantic. They are falling in love.

They are back on the beach and we see Thomas and Becca, Serena and Joe and Noah and Abigail kissing.

Maurissa talks about wanting reassurance and tells Chelsea…go talk to Riley. Ok so now they talk. Riley starts to notice he’s not expressing himself. He was upset with her talking to Demar. He finally reassures her. He looks back on his parents divorce and how they treated each other. He becomes emotional. He says he’s similar to his dad and struggles expressing. He said he’s feeling like he could be on the path fall in love and wants her to meet his mom. Maurissa is falling in love with him. Must’ve been a short path because he’s falling in live with her too. They kiss and Riley talks in his ITM about how he can make a good breakfast.

Storm is increasing. Everyone is in love. Mari is happy. Producers come in and evacuate and it’s not safe to stay. They pack. Serena and Joe kiss. They separate the guys and girls in different vans.

And then the storm is gone and they are back. Lil Jon is back cocktail hour in one hour.

Then they go over all the couples. Noah says we are right in the middle of something potentially really good. (Let’s see.)

Tia is torn between the two choices. Blake is annoyed almost that she’s asking for effort. He says he wants to be with her. He says he wanted to talk to her and she says so why didn’t you ask? He’s getting defensive it’s odd. He says he wants to have a conversation she says she wants to have a conversation. All this is happening during…a conversation. So I don’t know. James gave her effort with their earlier conversation and that doesn’t go unnoticed by her. This conversation with Blake was rough.

Blake, James, Demar, Ivan, Aaron, and Dr Joe seem to be in less solid things at the moment.

Aaron says Ivan is moping in “sad boy summer” and wants to show Chelsea he cares. Ivan questions Aaron’s motives while talking to Noah and Riley. Aaron does a runway walk. Chelsea feels herself gravitating towards Aaron in group settings.

Ivan pulls Chelsea for a chat. They are trying to see if they are friends or more and then they kiss!! Aaron and James are watching. Aaron is mad because he lied to Aaron. Ivan and Chelsea are holding hands and walking towards the bar.

Aaron tried to confront Ivan privately, but Ivan won’t walk to Aaron to talk not near everyone. Aaron says Ivan told Aaron that he wouldn’t take someone else’s rose. They are in each other’s faces. Ivan keeps going closer and closer.

In the trailer Ivan says something at the hotel and he shouldn’t have gone around the system!!!! Very exciting ending. So excited for next week.

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