Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, Week 5, Episode 8

I’ll update this later but we missed the first 15 minutes live and haven’t been able to watch. I thought we would have by now but we haven’t.

Group talk to Brendan/Pieper they go home. Main highlight from that was it was Joe and a few ladies and in Brendan’s ITM he calls them “Joe and his group of disgruntled females.” He says the women can’t get anyone so they are haters. It’s dumb. Byeeeee.

Maurissa and Riley play whip cream on body parts. This includes Maurissa licking it off Riley’s toe. I almost barfed. Wells says that’s it right there they are getting married.

They go to Boom Boom Room bringing the whipped cream with them. (She says it’s the best chocolate sundae she ever had.)

It’s Tammy’s birthday which is bad luck on this show because of course she’s going to learn about Becca and Thomas.

James and Tia kissed.

Thomas tells Tammy his date went well with Becca. Aaron says she should own her mistake and move on (in an ITM).

Tammy is devastated that Thomas is moving on. Becca asks him if he’s okay and he says yes. Thomas makes out with Becca.

Rose Ceremony:

  • Riley to Maurissa
  • Joe to Serena
  • Ivan to Kendall
  • Noah to Abigail
  • Kenny to Mari
  • James to Tia
  • Thomas to Becca
  • Aaron to Chelsea

Bach Mama loses Jessenia, Demi, Deandra and Demi. Bach daddy loses Tammy.

Then Lil Jon is host now. (Yeah!!! Okay!!!!!)

Bonus flip: For Lil Jon- Bach Mama. Daddy Bach thinks Natasha will end up with him.

Riley works out in koala slippers. Everyone except Maurissa is checking him out.

Blake from Clare’s season aka a night one guy that no one knows shows up. Blake pulls Tia and Natasha to talk. Tia goes on the date and James is frustrated. He then talks to Aaron about his frustrations. He feels like he’s starting over and trying to make connections and they keep not working out.

Tia and Blake ride an ATV. They make out in front of the cows and it “makes her vagina dance” and claimed she’s ovulating and getting “make out pregnant.” Tia needs to learn how sex works but they seem like a solid couple with the chemistry. Nothing memorable from the conversation besides Tias reactions.

Kenny and Mari make out and he feels like they can leave together. (Bold statement). We learn that Maurissa is leaving things in the boom boom room so I guess she and Riley are enjoying it. Kenny and Mari go to the boom boom room.

We then have dr Joe come down (Bach Mama getting another guy on the coin flip) and it seems quite exciting. Dr Joe has an adorable convo with Natasha. It seems hopeful, and he takes her on a date.

Dr. Joe seemed to know Brendan’s plan he was all into Natasha til she said she was screwed over by Brendan. His demeanor changes and we all suddenly remembered the meme of Brendan and Joe holding each other during a rose ceremony.

G. S. Joe is into Serena. Joe (aka the providers) create this cute little blanket with flower petals and candles and pillows and it’s super romantic. They have this quirky conversation about how they feel about each other. Serena then Joe admit that they are falling in love. Them and Maurissa and Riley seem like the strongest couples right now. Maybe Noah and Abigail but we never seen them so I don’t know just yet.

Kendall sees the cute date. She’s next to Ivan who just picked her at the rose ceremony and a few other people by the fire. And you can see she is starting to struggle with seeing her ex with someone else in the same place they fell in love. Ya could’ve had him but you wouldn’t move where he wanted to live. (I will say this is understandable reason but then don’t be upset, that’s my opinion though. It’s only human to have this reaction.)

The episode ends with this less than dramatic cliffhanger.

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