Bachelor in Paradise, Season 7, Week 4 (two episodes)

Bachelor in Paradise, Season 7, Week 4 (Episode 6)

Kendall and Joe have an awkward conversation about their breakup and what happened. Kendall didn’t want to move. Joe wanted her to move or to try it out. Kendall decides to stay. Joe explains how it’s gonna be weird, he doesn’t Kendall wants to be with him, and that Serena is his priority.  

Noah and Abigail work things out a little more. Tia and Kenny return from the date.  Mari jumps at the chance to get him, and tells him she still likes him. He says he is going to think about what she said.  Demi is freaking out that she might lose Kenny (why are they all fighting over him? He’s so boring but okay, fine). She tells him to come to the Boom boom room with him and he says he’s too tired.      

Pieper shows up with the date card and barely says hello to everyone before she already asks Brendan for a date.  Without even talking to Natasha he accepts saying it’s the last thing he expected…He then talks to Natasha to tell her he’s going. Natasha is skeptical, and Brendan starts saying cliché nonsense.  Becca comforts Natasha.    

Then we have the Brendan Pieper date, where Brendan is trying to use signals and a secret code to get Pieper to understand that he does actually want to pick up where they left off.  She isn’t getting the hint.  She finally gets it and tells him “thanks for playing the game.” 

The next morning they already look like a couple. Brendan and Peiper talk about followers.  He also says that she’s annoying him Natasha pulls aside Pieper, and asks for specifics on the relationship.  Pieper’s answers don’t match Brendan’s because they clearly didn’t discuss their game plan going in.   

Natasha then talks to Brendan wanting to know the truth. She felt like she was putting a lot into this and getting nothing, thinking it was because of his divorce.  Brendan says it was never romantic and that it was always a friendship rose.  Brendan says that Natasha had no other prospects and he was doing her a favor. 

Brendan and Pieper talk more, almost bragging about doing such a great job while he scratches his microphone.

Bachelor in Paradise, Season 7, Week 4 (Episode 7)

We first meet the new host Tituss Burgess. He announces one of those parties where half of the contestants get to go to a party and new people are at the party. 

The party goers are Becca, Aaron, Noah, Abigail, Kenny, Demi, Chris, Jessenia, Riley, Deandra, James, and Thomas. Chelsea and Alana (Matt’s season) and Alayah and Mykenna (Peter’s season). 

Chris met both Alana and Jessenia in San Diego before the show. Chris makes out with Alana and Jessenia goes and sees it happen, walking in on them. Jessenia talks to him and he says oh you were my number one. 

There is an Olivia Holt concert and he makes out with Alana right in front of Jessenia. Jessenia leaves the party early and is back on the beach. 

Chris mopes around the beach and no one is buying it. (On a podcast, Joe mentions he saw Chris cut his eye so it would look like he was crying.) Riley thinks it’s all fake and calls Chris a “clown” that has “no honor.”  

Alana arrives at the beach, and she takes Chris on a date. Chris has this weird speech he says to the group saying sorry he knows he will get hate for this. All this he does before talking to Jessenia which he then does, but she shuts him down. 

Chris and Alana have their date. He kisses her but then she tells him to move to a more dominating position. 

Joe and Jessenia talk about people planning before coming on. He mentions that Chris asked him how he became popular and Alana asked about Instagram followers. Brendan and Pieper agree and call him scum. 

Joe, Riley, and Jessenia talk to Chris. They talk about fame and knowing each other already. Jessenia tells him to go leave with Alana. 

Chris tries to leave with Alana. She wants to stay. She says if they leave together then they are boyfriend and girlfriend and she doesn’t feel like after one date that they are. They leave separately. 

Natasha and Demi both wonder why they aren’t kicking out a Brendan and Pieper too. Where is tribal council with voting them out too?! Joe? Riley? Aaron? Anyone? No? 

Mari realized she was stupid in saying the options open but and now they agree to be together. They both even say they would leave with each other now which is surprising. Kenny tells Demi and Demi says she’s more fun and that Mari is boring. She feels rejected and frustrated for sleeping with him. 

Chelsea arrives and has a date with Aaron. Becca was very lighthearted about it. The date was cute-they kiss, Becca is not used to Paradise compared to being the Bachelorette. Then, she gets a date card. We find out Becca and Thomas chatted a little during the Titus party. She talks to Tammy before pulling Thomas. Tammy okays it even though of course she doesn’t want it to happen. Tammy cries. 

Becca and Thomas have a nice date and they kiss. Aaron was salty about Tammy crying about Thomas and says she deserves it. I normally find him funny in his direct bluntness, but that was a little rough. Sure the Thomas straddle upset him, but he did a Serena C straddle so call it even and move on. Aaron feels sick of telling people what kind of person Thomas is. 

No rose ceremony. 

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