Bachelor in Paradise, Season 7, Week 3 (two episodes)

Episode 4

Starts with Maurissa and Riley waking up in the “boom boom room” and Connor wondering where they are.

Ivan is confident so of course we will see him become less confident. Enter Chris C (who no one knows…a night one guy from Claire’s season) and Chasen who are Smoke Bros since Chasen said tayshia was a smoke show.

Chasen takes Deandra and Chris takes Jessenia. Karl and Ivan are nervous. The date is some weird Kama sutra thing. Jessenia says that there is something missing with Ivan and she feels like Chris has what Ivan is missing (a spark?). They kiss.

Mari tells Kenny let’s keep our options open and doesn’t want regrets. Mari tells Demi it’s open and Demi is into Kenny. Mari gets upset seeing them together even though she told him let’s be open.

Maurissa and Connor talk but she doesn’t really tell him it’s done even though it’s obvious it is. She probably hasn’t had to reject someone before. She just deflects and says we will see how the day goes then avoids him the rest of the day. Connor is wearing this two piece outfit that is bright and summery and half stripes half flowers vertically. Tahzjuan tells Connor that Maurissa and Riley were in the “boom boom room” last night.

Natasha still feels like Brendan is doing the bare minimum in effort and they haven’t kissed. So Natasha and lance bass have this go make the first move convo so she massages him and they kiss quickly.

Next is Serena and Joe’s date. a romantic date in the middle of a wrestling ring. They talk about why him and Kendall didn’t work out. He wanted to live in Chicago and she didn’t. Serena P and Joe put on wrestling outfits (reluctantly) and kiss in the ring.

The Smoke Bros and their dates return. Jessenia tells Ivan they are done. Karl and Deandra talk, or attempt to, because Chasen interrupts Karl trying to give Deandra a Pandora bracelet. Nicest I think he’s been it seemed like he was actually being sweet. Deandra then goes to talk to Chasen.

There’s a beach bonfire and everyone is talking and asking each other questions. One being who would you want to have sex with here to which Kenny said Mari. Then Demi shows up with a cake for Kenny’s birthday so everyone sings happy birthday to him. Demi brings him to a condom filled piñata and Mari goes and throws the cake into the bonfire. Everyone, especially Riley, is pissed.

After the cake tantrum, now Mari speaks to Demi. Mari is now trying to backpedal on he be open comment to now say she wanted it to be that IF she wanted to date someone else it would be open. So she basically wanted it to be a one sided open and him to wait for her and he didn’t. Demi tells her this exact thing (which was great to see). Mari then tells Demi that she’s Kenny’s second option because Kenny just said he wanted to f*** Mari. Demi doesn’t care and she wants to “f*** people here, too.” In an in the moment (ITM) Demi says, “Mari wants to have her cake and eat it too. And so she threw mine in the fire.”

Mari then tries to tell Kenny the same thing she just told Demi and he isn’t having it. Kenny says it’s too toxic and he wants it to be done.

Tammy walks straight past Aaron with Thomas. They talk about how they were seen as “villians” on their seasons. Tammy and Thomas kiss in front of Aaron. Aaron is annoyed in amazing Aaron fashion even though he just did this with Serena C but it did feel like Tammy and Thomas were a little more deliberate.

We also have a weird moment with Tahzjuan where she says, “Tahz can’t pee, Tahz can’t poop, Tahz can’t do anything.” Girl, are you okay?

Demi and Kenny go to the Boom Boom Room.

Rainstorm during the rose ceremony evening “cocktail hour.” Kenny tells everyone that he’s done with Mari and likes how things are with Demi. Mari is surprised by this.

Lance tells the group he had his honeymoon here with his husband. Very cute.

Aaron and Thomas argue about Tammy. Mainly Aaron feels dumb and humiliated. Tammy is watching them argue, she walks over and we get a to be continued.

Week 3 Episode 5

It starts with Aaron and Thomas fighting. Other contestants speculate on who would win in a fight. Of course we know that won’t happen because they would both get kicked off. 

Thomas and Aaron end their pissing contest when Tammy comes over and takes Aaron apologizing for how it went down. Aaron is clearly upset and was into Tammy. Tammy feels bad or at least says she does. 

Deandra is deciding between Karl and Chasen. Noah narrates how that pandora bracelet is from the 2000s from moms. I thought it was sweet. Chasen takes her on a date trying to one-up the bracelet and has this massive silver chain link necklace. Barf.  She thanks him. He says it matches her hold hoops and it does not. Karl seemed more genuine, but now this seems producer driven. 

Deandra says she can’t accept the bracelet anymore and that he should save it for someone else. He is sweet to her and of course he and Chasen get into it on the one upping.

Deandra feels like they are trying to woo her with jewelry. Demi in an ITM says both pieces were “hideous.” Deandra briefly talks to Ivan. 

People are scrambling for connections that aren’t in relationships. Tahz ends it with Tre and she leaves. Lance Bass leaves after introducing Becca Kufrin. She is the first Bachelorette to come back to Paradise. 

James, Karl and Aaron talk to Becca. She hits it off with Aaron. 

Wells announces the rose ceremony. 

  • Natasha to Brendan
  • Maurissa to Riley
  • Serena to Joe
  • Abigail to Noah
  • Jessenia to Chris
  • Tammy to Thomas
  • Demi to Kenny
  • Mari to James
  • Deandra to Ivan
  • Becca to Aaron. 

Connor B, Karl, and Chasen are gone. 

The next day, Mari is still going for Kenny. Demi is happy with how things are going. Tia shows up and asks Kenny. Demi isn’t happy about it but knows how this works. She knows she can’t do much about it and that he’s the hottest guy on the beach. 

Joe and Serena have a lil chat. Abigail is self sabotaging her and Noah. She is worried they are in the friend zone when she told him on their date she likes to take it slow. He is super thrown off by this convo. Then Abigail is sad too. 

Then we see Kenny and Tia’s one on one. One of my least favorites. A naked volleyball game. She agrees to being topless and Kenny plays naked.  Tia finds out he slept with Demi and is worried about that, reminding Kenny that it means something to women to do that. They still kiss for some reason. 

Joe says that his relationship with Serena is the strongest. Enter someone to test that…Kendall who is there just to see Joe. The episode ends with her saying “hey butthead” to Joe. 

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