Bachelor in Paradise, Season 7, Week 2 (two episodes)

Season 7, Week 2 (Episode 2)

Demi is focusing on dudes this season. Probably because they mostly cast straight people. Otherwise the contestants who spend the most time together would ditch the lead and date each other.

Anyway Demi asks Brendan on a date. they kiss. They share a super awkward date and he rejects her immediately after the kiss (editing?) and she spirals a little during the episode.

During his date it’s mentioned that Brendan and Pieper we’re together before this by Mari.

Victoria P is trying to vibe with James but she can’t remember his name to the point where it’s very noticeable she’s looking for a rose and isn’t connecting with him.

Tammy and Aaron chat at some point I just don’t remember when I’m writing this after the fact.

Jessenia and Ivan go on a date. Beautiful deep conversation about race and double standards in bachelor nation and how women get criticized more and get more hate.

Brendan and Natasha talk about Pieper. He says they hung out a few times and there no labels, nothing serious.

Karl and Deandra and Connor B and Maurissa chat.

Tammy starts to mention that Victoria P has a boyfriend at home to everyone but James.

Rose ceremony time. Serena C. makes out with Aaron straddling him in a daybed. He then is with Tammy doing the same.

(Goddess) Victoria L. tries to go for Tre, but he doesn’t seem about it.

Tammy finally tells James. James confronts Victoria P, and she decides to leave.

Rose Ceremony:

  • Ivan to Jessenia
  • Noah to Abigail
  • Joe to Serena P.
  • Connor to Maurissa
  • Tre to Tahzjuan
  • Karl to Deandra
  • Brendan to Natasha
  • Aaron to Tammy
  • Kenny to Mari
  • James to Demi

Season 7, Week 2 (Episode 3)

We get a boom box and I think (Blake and Katie showing up to show them what love is) but it plays “Bye bye bye” by *Nysnc and Lance Bass shows up. I personally enjoy him more than David Spade – he seems much more comfortable.

The women have the roses and the guys barely put in any effort it’s embarrassing. The guys are too busy complaining about that Thomas might show up. So of course, here is Thomas.

He mentions he’s 6’6” a few times (drinking game for this episode?). Aaron and Tre are in a mood that Thomas is there. Thomas talks to the ladies and decides to take Serena P. Joe is freaking out of course, thinking that this is history repeating itself (Kendall going on a date with Leo – Tarzan live action looking man – and being “confused” after). Serena and Thomas kiss. They talk about why the rest of the guys are not into him. He calls Tre emotionally weak or immature (WTF) and that Aaron is lying.

Riley shows up looking amazing. Tahzjuan forgets how to speak seeing him and gets super awkward. She has a huge crush and he was her #1 person she wanted to meet. Riley takes Maurissa on the date.

Serena P tells Joe that Thomas just has too much drama around him and she wants to continue with Joe.

Thomas gets pulled over by the guys since they want an apology for how he was on Katie’s season. Tre says he wants to move forward and see new actions. Serena then tells him what Thomas said about him on the date, so Tre tells Thomas he’s done in a very emotionally mature way.

Riley and Maurissa’s date is next and she looks HOTTTTT. Connor is nervous and tells her she looks great before she goes. Maurissa and Riley have a date with exotic foods and lance bass in a truth or eat format. This is her first romantic date ever. They both have fun with it and try the stuff and basically ignore Lance and kiss.

Meanwhile Connor is sad playing the ukulele as if he’s Jed 2.0. At least his songs are good.

Tre and Tahz talk and rekindle after her public awkward moments. Natasha feels like Brendan is putting in no effort.

Back to the date of Riley and Maurissa. They talk about wanting a big family and Maurissa struggling with her struggle with weight and Riley comforts her saying she was probably still beautiful because she has a beautiful soul. They kiss again and go to the “boom boom room”.

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