Bachelor In Paradise, Season 7 Week 1

David spade , guest host, introduces us to

Abigail, Serena p, Kelsey, Natasha, Tammy, Jessenia, Deandra, Victoria L, Maurissa, Mari, Tahzjuan, Victoria Paul, Serena C

Grocery Store Joe, Ivan, Brendan, Tre, Aaron, Kenny, Noah, Connor B, James, Karl

Here’s what you need to know:

Abigail goes on a date with Noah. She likes to go slow. They start to hit it off.

Joe freaks out that he’s on the beach where he met Kendall.

Kenny supposedly show up naked but editing misses a scene of him in a Speedo.

Grocery store joe doesn’t own the grocery store anymore

Victoria L is no longer queen Victoria and is now goddess Victoria.

Kenny and Mari chat. Tahzjuan dated and kissed Tre’s uncle and is also into Tre.

Karl has a loud, weird entrance. The men are putting in minimal effort

Brendan and Natasha are vibing, so are Tammy and Aaron. Other couples we see below.

Kisses: Connor B. and Maurissa. Tre and Tahz. Kenny and Mari. Jessenia and Ivan. And Joe and Serena P.

Demi arrives.

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