2021 Drafts – Matt, Katie, Michelle


Michelle (I’m the Queen)Dan (Sound of Love)
Bri 3/8Abigail 2/15
MJ 2/8Rachael (wins)
Serena P 2/22Khaylah 1/25
Pieper 2/15Mari 2/1
Kaili 1/25Sarah 1/19
Chelsea 2/15Michelle (NL1)
Magi 2/8Anna 2/1
Brittany (NL2) 2/8Heather 2/15
Kristin 1/19Jessenia 2/15
Illeana 1/19Alana 1/19
Kit 2/15Katie “vibrator girl” 2/8
Katie Morton N/ACatalina(NL3) 2/1
Lauren 2/1Ryan (NL4) 2/8
Serena C 2/15Marylynn 1/19
Victoria the queen 2/1Sydney 1/19
Chris Harrison n/aTyler C n/a
Matt James n/aBen Higgins n/a
Kim (NL5) 1/25

We drated “new limo 1-5” as you can pick 1st, 2nd, etc. once we saw that in the trailer. I thought I saw Katie M show up as a rumor, but I was wrong. We had silly picks like Chris Harrison, Tyler and Ben at the bottom. I drafted he left alone, but Dan said he would have to give himself that rose. He gave his final rose to Rachael even though they broke up before AFR. And they are still dating now!

We didn’t make team names for Katie’s season. We were tired!


Bach MamaBach Papa
Connor B 7/13Greg 8/2
Karl 6/21Hunter 7/13
Justin 8/9Aaron 7/13
Mike P 7/20Michael A 7/27
Thomas 6/28James (Boxman) 7/13
Christian 6/28 David 6/28
Tre 7/13John * 6/21
Cody 6/14Kyle 6/21
Josh 7/5Andrew S 7/20
Garrett 6/21?Conor C 6/28
Quartney 7/5Brendan 7/20
Blake Moynes *** (wins)

This was a little different from our usual drafts. We picked a sure-fire winner (who we thought would win and wrote it down on a piece of paper) and then picked out of a hat after that.

*I just had my baby 6/1/21 and we were exhausted, so we forgot about John, but thought we knew the number of people there.

** We also somehow missed Andrew M, so we gave it to the baby, but he was eliminated 7/5.

*** Normally we wait until after the end of the episode looking at the season preview, but we didn’t this time (who knows, we were really tired). Traditionally, at least as far as I know, the husband gives the wife a gift for giving birth. My husband didn’t know about that, so he gave me Blake Moynes as my “hospital gift.” They have broken up 😦

Mama Michelle *Dan (The Rose-trotters)
Nayte wonJoe Coleman (E 12/14)
Jamie (E 11/2)Brandon J (E 12/21)
Olumide (E 11/23)Rodney (E 11/30)
Martin (E 11/23)Chris S (E 11/16)
Leroy (E 11/16)Rick (E 11/23)
Daniel (E 10/26)Peter (E 11/2)
Spencer (E 11/2)Clayton (E 11/23)
Chris G (E 11/9)Mollique (E 11/2)
Romeo (E 11/9)PJ (E 10/26)
Will (E 11/9)LT (E 11/2)
Casey (E 11/16)Pardeep (E 10/26)
Alec (E 10/26)Matt James N/A
Ben Higgins N/A

*(ref to the Circle, me, and the bachelorette)